Thursday, April 27, 2006

assist [&-'sist]
to give help or support to, especially as a subordinate or supplement; aid
Synonyms include: aid, back, facilitate, reinforce, relieve, support

I got an email from my boss, Bob, this morning greeting me a BELATED HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT’S DAY! Hahaha! It’s so funny because this is the first time my duties actually coincide with my title. Some of my other positions, like accounting intern and customer service rep, made my job sound pretty focused, but they all placed me with duties far and way beyond what you’d think my title would call for.

Anyhow, so I’ve been an advertising sales assistant at this place for almost 3 months!!! I can’t believe that! My 90-day probation will officially be over on or after May 6th - CRAZY! And Gramma Kay can collect the rest of her referral bonus (you should take me out to lunch for not getting fired…yet). I really like this new job because I’m learning so much everyday. I literally knew NOTHING about publishing and now I feel like I've been given a sneak preview of how much else I COULD and HOPE TO learn.

I don't mind being an assistant though. I realize a lot of people are like, "Assistant? That just means you do what people tell you to fo." But it's not like that. I feel like I've been entrusted with so many things so fast and it's not even about taking orders from higher ups. I like helping people get things done; being organized and making to-do lists. I love crossing things out or checking them off. I love behind-the-scenes work! I'd MUCH rather be the wedding planner than the bride; the screenwriter more than the actress.

Assisting just gives me an excuse to be OCD, okay? Hahaha!


Bored&Hungry said...

i'll take your ass out for dinner and i still need to get you drunk for driving me to work while my baby was in the shop. see, i'm nice some times....some times.

ANNA said...

if you get me drunk enough MAYBE i'll do the HIPS DON'T LIE VIDEO!

Anonymous said...

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