Thursday, March 29, 2007

sense [sens]
any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body; the recognition of something as incumbent or fitting; a mental discernment, realization, or recognition; acuteness
Synonyms include: wits, reasons, common sense

Everyone has their 5 senses, as defined above. In layman's terms, your senses allow you to recognize sensations based on what you see, hear, smell, taste or touch. There are times, however, when life calls for senses beyond what our innate abilities can provide. In times like those, I have another five senses to depend on. They're called Cecile, Iya, Rochelle, Ate Tin-Tin and Riann.
Cecile, for the 13 years that I've known her, has sort of been my “6th sense” actually. Being that she's psychic and all, she tends to know a lot of what I’m feeling or thinking without me really saying much or anything at all. We could be riding a ski lift in Tahoe, walking around London eating our fish 'n chips, dancing in the rain in NYC, climbing up Swiss hills, jumping around Italy or just be sitting in her room - I don't have to say more than a few words (if any at all) for Cile to just know whether she needs to hug me, laugh with me or bop me upside the head. Aside from being my #1 advocate for travel, she's also the voice of my subconscious, begging me not to be afraid to know what makes me happy and then doing it. Iya (who I’ve known for 16 1/2 years) and I have literally seen each other through almost everything; loved ones passing, heartbreaks occurring (and sometimes recurring), *NSYNC fanaticism, friendships (including ours) changing, and yes, we’ve fought a few times. But she’s one of the unique people in my life who isn’t afraid to say something to my face, even if she thinks it might hurt me. She would rather I know the truth and grow stronger because of it, than be the fool who goes about knowing less than everyone else. She’s also the reason I stay awake at work, seeing as to how we spend more time emailing each other than actually working!
Rochelle is my twin. We met at a family party when we were 5 then somehow ended up in the same high school together! People tend to confuse us for one another because we're...petite, but don’t let her cute and happy-go-lucky fa├žade fool you. This girl is pretty fearless (except when it comes to alcohol. She wants nothing to do with it.), and she’s gifted with this determined, tenacious spirit and personality that I often cannot fathom. In addition to that, she’s got a heart way bigger than she appears to be and the fact that she’s always so sympathetic and supportive keeps people like me who run to her, nice and sane.
Ate Tin-Tin is my 2nd mom (not that I think you’re old, Ate.). She’s too involved in every aspect of my life for me to just call her my friend, and the gentle, but firm way about her tells me she's not just the big sister I've always looked up to. There is just a comfort that she provides when I’m around her. If ever I shared the same brain with someone, or could call someone my soulmate in life, it would be Ate. She will scarcely tell me what I want to hear, or even what she thinks I need to hear. When I've finally arrived at the solution to whatever problem I was ranting about, she just hugs me and says, "See, I knew you knew that already. You just needed to figure it out. You're gonna be just fine." And I actually believe that I Will be because she said so.
Riann is like the little sister you never wanted but are forced to love anyway because she was born. Hahaha! Just kidding, Babygirl! I really and truly couldn’t do without Riann. She has become an amalgam of Cile’s intuitiveness, Iya’s straightforwardness, Rochelle’s sympathetic nature, and Ate’s nurturing encouragement when I’ve needed it the most. I feel bad when she’s had to figure things out for me because I’m too afraid to deal with it myself. She breaks it down for me (might as well do a power point presentation the way she makes her argument sometimes!), helping me discern the lines which have been blurred by cowardice and frustration. When she’s not getting me through a crisis, she’s in yoga class cracking me up, at mass praying with me, or at our favorite place, Maui Wowie shooting the breeze.

If I ever lost one of these senses, life would be an impossible force to reckon with.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey everyone! If you're free this Friday night, my cousin Marc is performing. He's on the flyer below as Mark Spector. Here's his myspace page:

It's a free event! I love when things are free!

Happy Birthday, Fernie!
Mr. So-popular-I-need-to-celebrate-my-birthday-like-8-times-during-the-month! hahaha!

Friday, March 23, 2007

crap [krap]
an act of defecation; refuse; rubbish; junk; litter; excrement
Synonyms include: absurdity, craziness, clutter

When I must do some G-rated cursing, this is my favorite word to use. "Holy crap, that's crap, you're full of crap!" It's endless.

Speaking of crap, check out what Iya's neighbor felt the need to post up on a tree trunk that's planted in front of their house:
Hahahahaha! Cracked the crap out of me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Compleanno felice, Joves!!!
Spaghetti a la Carbonara...YUMMY!!!!

Happy 10 1/2 year Anniversary, Bobbers & Matt!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

solve [solv]
to find the answer or explanation for; clear up
Synonyms include: answer, determine

For the last couple of weeks, I've been helping (trying to anyway) my sister get through her algebra 2 class. I told Tin to take advantage while I know what I know because if she ever gets to calculus, I'LL BE COMPLETELY USELESS. She called me from a friend's house today asking for help with a word problem. I had to call in for re-inforcements. Haha! A bunch of smarties worked on it: James, Chef, Iya, Bobbers, Kuya Oli and Tita Irene hahaha - thanks for the attempts and for the solution ! It's nice to know I always have back-up.

Polynomials, F.O.I.L., radicals...what the heck is a real number? A REAL NUMBER? As oppose to a FAKE one?! Sometimes I forget how much I loved math. It used to be one of my FAVORITE SUBJECTS for sobbing out loud! I wanted it to be part of my career! But then came calculus, physics, chemistry and FORTRAN classes all at once. That marked, as Grammy Kay would say, sad times...

Iya sent me the forward below and it made me laugh out loud. I don't know how many times I wrote stuff down on a test just for the sake of writing something down. Partial credit is like gold when you're trying to get a passing grade. But I was NEVER this creative:


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

passion [pash-uhn]
any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling; a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything
Synonyms include: desire, affection, dedication, vehemence

I feel like each day since the year began produces more troubling situations than my mind can figure solutions for. I've come to rely on any and every sign of hope that good fortune lies somewhere beneath the jinx that is my life these days. It's disconcerting to be loving every breath I take one minute, and then wishing it would stop the next. When and why did the aura of contentment and optimism reduce itself to the dim and dreary cloud of haze that it is today?

I've been asking myself that a lot, thinking that if I knew how I got here, I could just as easily figure a way out. Immediate, but temporary, bouts of gratification and inspiration are plentiful. But something in me is still lacking, missing almost, and it's taken the death of a beloved priest to tell me what my problem is.

Fr. Lawrence was a pastor at St. Robert's in Burbank, and to have known him to any degree is to have known a real man of the Lord. It wasn't just because he wore the "uniform," could say mass or transform the bread and wine into holy body and blood. Any priest can do that. But Fr. Lawrence, in his most notably red, curly hair, possessed something that a lot of lost individuals seek without realizing: passion - Passion for the role that you're born to play in life, passion for the lives of the people you affect, passion for the heart and the soul that you've been blessed with, but at times are too afraid to use. THAT is what's missing these days for me and for a few people I know.

For many of us, the zeal for life's many opportunities peaked at the very beginning, but has since sunk into deep valleys of complacency and sheer boredum. The passion, you could say, has passed and we are left asking the following questions: How do I get it back? Or do I still have it, but misplaced it for the time being? Is it even retrievable or must I seek new sources?

In the end, whatever we decide, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that the choices we make, and the bases for which we make them are heartfelt and true. Like Fr. Lawrence, who shared his life with us, we too can have a passionate spirit that will not only save us from that which we find cumbersome or mundane, but will provide us with the warmth of knowing that this is what we love to do, this is what we're here for.

Have fun in heaven, Fr. Lawrence. Thank you for everything.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

commute [kuh-myoot]
to travel regularly over some distance, as from a suburb into a city and back
Synonyms include: drive (Yup, that's basically it for me.)

I'm so over this drive. 2 1/2 hours to get to work this morning because of the huge truck that rammed through the center divider on the 101. I'm ready to move back/somewhere where there's efficient public transportation...




Heck...who wants to move to London with me?!!!

I would like to MIND THE GAP!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Sexy Jean!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Chrissy!!!!

Happy Birthday, Eeedweeen!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy, happy birthday Larnie!!
(Aaaaand KICK!)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

nap [nap]
to sleep for a short time; doze
Synonyms include: sleep, break, respite

Ok, I know this is awful, but I took a picture of my parents asleep during mass! hahaha! I swear they do it for an average of 5 minutes every other Sunday! It's hilarious and Tin and I always catch them. Oh man...

Speaking of naps, I should get to bed now. I worked from 7:40 to 5:40 today, with no lunch AND I took work home! I'm sooooo exhausted! Everything seems to be due all at the same time! It's all good - overtime! I'd rather not ask to work overtime though because it's so hard for me to believe that I can't accomplish what I'm supposed to in the 8 hours that I'm given.

Okee, bedtime...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bye (AGAIN!) Chef!
Take care and remember, don't make any friends!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

miss [mis]
to notice and feel the loss of
Synonyms include: feel loss, long, yearn

When something or someone special is taken away from you, to say you feel bereft does not suffice. It feels more like a part of your being has been spitefully snatched and you are left with nothing more than what you can remember.
When something or someone special is taken away, brought back, then taken away again, to say you're furious is not enough. You curse the world that blesses selfishness with the most precious of gifts from heaven.
To say that you feel sad or lonely when you lose someone special is an understatement. No word in the English language could possibly define the unbelievable sorrow that your heart must handle.To say that you feel too helpless to do anything about your loss would not be sufficient. It feels more like a hopelessness that situations (which could've been improved if both sides of the party would find their conscience) will just never resolve themselves.When you worry about the well-being of another who is far away, you worry wholeheartedly and the same prayers are said over and over again.

We miss our little boy...

Please don't forget us, Kelsoe...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

sweet tooth [sweet-tooth] (what the heck?!)
a liking or craving for candy and other sweets
Synonyms include: craving, obsession (sometimes!), appetite

I LOOOVE chocolate, and one of my favorite brands is Cadbury. Unfortunately, Cadbury products are not as abundant here in the states as they are in other countries, like Canada and the UK. When we were in Cambridge for 2 months, I loaded up on all the Cadbury products that I saw! It was terrible but OH SO GOOD! hahaha!

There's this one chocolate bar, actually it's more like a stick of chocolate, that they used to stick in the middle of a scoop of ice cream in England. OH MAN! I think Andrew had one almost every other day! hahaha! And a few months ago, Jovi brought me a Time-Out bar that her mom brought back from Canada (James and Fantone - HOOK IT UP!).

And now that it's Easter time, my favorite item of all is out!!!

...aaaand scene...hahaha!