Monday, May 29, 2006

fatigue [f&-'tEg]
physical or mental weariness resulting from exertion
Synonyms include: burnout, debility, enervation, exhaustion, faintness, feebleness, languor, lethargy, weariness

Man! This was a fun long weekend but MAN I'M FREAKIN' TIRED! I was non-stop from Friday night to Monday evening. So much to blog about, but so little energy at the moment to do it. I want to tell you about how Jhoette left a month ago for the Philippines and then came back for a week, making invitations, seeing a wedding from yet another perspective, how to hold a 10 lb. camera for 11 hours and not break your back (hahaha! Bev and Ja, Saturday was fun!), how when I park in front of a house, I try not to cover the house number painted on the sidewalk, how much I love shopping when I find clothes that fit, how Iya, Rochelle and I are going to try harder to let go of clothes that we know we'll never wear again, etc. That's gonna be a long entry. hahaha! Hope ya'll had a great Memorial Day long weekend! At least we only have to work 4 days this week! That's a plus in my book =)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

cynic ['si-nik]
a person whose outlook is scornfully and often habitually negative
Synonyms include: detractor, disbeliever, doubter, misanthrope, misogynist, pessimist, questioner, satirist, scoffer, skeptic, sneerer, unbeliever


realist ['rE-&-"li-st]
one who is inclined toward literal truth and pragmatism
Synonyms (sort of) include : Someone who sees and hears what's right in front of him/her and nothing beyond that

Yes people, there IS a difference. Many think they're interchangeable terms, but one is not synonymous with the other. Just because someone's outlook on something is not optimistic or ideal, doesn't mean they feel something dismal looming in the background. It just means they don't look beyond what's in front of their face, that's all. I just watched "HITCH" and it made me want to talk about this. Alrighty then...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

matriarch ['mA-trE-"ärk]
a woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe; a highly respected woman who is a mother
Synonyms include: dame, dignified woman, dowager, matron, mother

I talked to Mamang (my mom’s mom who lives in the Philippines) a couple days ago to greet her a “Happy 76thbirthday!” I get really sad when I talk to her. She had a stroke a long time ago and her speech is a bit slurred and, though I understand everything she says, I just feel so bad for her sometimes. I feel guilty that we’re not there to take care of her and I have to keep myself from crying every time I hear her voice. I left the Philippines when I was 4 years old and didn’t return until 19 years later. Mamang and I kind of missed out on each other’s lives for almost 2 decades, minus the occasional long distance phonecalls and cards. Sometimes I think that if she and Papang (God rest his soul) lived here, they might’ve had a healthier time in life. My mom went home to the Philippines last year to help throw Mamang a 75th birthday party and she was so happy in the pictures! It really helped me feel better (though I realize that was not the intention. Way to be self-centered, Anna!) Anyhow, I just miss her so much right now.

And then there’s Nanay (my dad’s mom). She was admitted to Temple Community Hospital on Tuesday because her right leg swelled up and she could hardly walk. I visited her last night and she looks good! Maybe this is the Lord’s way of telling her to rest for once. Nanay can’t ever just loaf around. She always needs to be doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, dusting, etc. I guess it’s her way of staying active. She takes walks around the neighborhood sometimes, having made friends with this elderly Armenian lady two houses down. With both their limited English, I can’t imagine the unspoken bond they’ve somehow developed, but it’s there.

Both my grandmothers were/are wives of outspoken men, the mothers of 6 and 7 children respectively, and between them have 16 grandchildren. They’re women of so very few words, but whose demeanor commands the greatest amount of love and respect from everyone who meets them. Becoming half the wonderful women that they are would be my greatest inheritance.

Monday, May 22, 2006

celebration ['se-l&-"brAt]
to observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing
Synonyms include: bash, birthday, ceremony, festivity, frolic, gaiety, hoopla, joviality, jubilation, merriment

I swear we find every reason to party! Going-away dinners (not even going-away for like ever, but going away for a 2 week vacation hahaha!), end of finals, new jobs - it's not about just birthdays anymore. This past weekend though, we did have a special day to celebrate.
We spent Saturday night with Randy I-hate-planning-things Mendoza because, hey guess what, he joined the 28-years old club. Eeeks, I know. So to reflect his growing maturity, we had dinner at commercially classic P.F. Chang's and then proceeded for a walk through 3rd Street Promenade and on to the Santa Monica Pier where funnel cake was consumed and games were played. It doesn't get anymore grown-up than this, my friends. Hahaha! It was quite the fun evening. No stressing over time constraints, parking or dress codes; just friends celebrating the life of another.

release or vent; release from a leash; turn loose or free from restraint
Synonyms include: cut loose, discharge, emancipate, let go, let loose, let out, release, relieve, set free, turn loose

So after an evening at the Pier, some people got tired and couldn't bear to do much more activity, but the night was still young...or so few of us (namely Riann, Joe, Rach, Fantone, TJ and I) decided. With Riann and Joe at the helm (i.e. steering wheel), we headed to what we thought would be a bar to hang out and drink. Malia is indeed a bar, but walk further back and you've got a club, complete with a DJ on the turntables (who could've been better) and strangers awkwardly walking around trying to figure out what to do with themselves (get up on this girl or drink? get up on this guy or stay with my girls?).
As usual, we partied like we owned the place; not that it mattered. The DJ was damn lucky we were there to bump to his music because for the most part - WE WERE THE ONLY ONES! Riann and TJ, in particular, were more than happy to let loose. Poor nurses are working themselves so hard at the hospital during the week that they've got all this pent-up excitement just waiting to be let loose. Well, mission accomplished. It was hilarious because all these songs would come on and here's the 6 of us in the corner going nuts...JUST THE 6 OF US. The bartender must've been so amused that life was suddenly injected into this room that she walked up to us on the dancefloor and asked if we wanted anything from the bar. hahaha!
And by the way, I've never been so inappropriately dressed to go clubbing. Fantone, Riann and Joe were all wearing sneakers and I was wearing my canvas flats with the brown flowers from Target. (TJ and Rach apparently got the subliminal memo to dress accordingly.) Hahaha! Anyhow, the bouncer didn't care so neither did we.
Great partying, you party people! That was all for you Randy! Hahaha! I love random nights like that! We should have those more often.
(Dude, we've known each other 23 years?...GET NEW FRIENDS DAMMIT! hahaha!)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

promiscuous [pr&-'mis-ky&-w&s]
having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate; casual; random
Synonyms include: abandoned, debauched, fast, immoral, indiscriminate, licentious, loosesleep around, slut, swinging, unchaste, undiscriminating, unrestricted, wanton, wild

New song on the mind: Nelly Furtado and Timbaland's "Promiscuous." Tin's actually the one who told me about this song. She kept playing it one night and I was like, "hey, phat beat, who is this?" Nelly "I'm like a bird" Furtado? Workin' with Timbaland? Never would've put them together but it's so makes you want to shake your booty catchy! And Justin Timberlake makes a cameo in the vidoe, lookin' kinda hot.

Funny story: After listening to this song for like 3 days, Tin finally decides to ask, "Hey Ate, what does 'promiscuous' mean anyway?" I had to laugh. "It means you're a hoe." HAHAHAHA!

Friday, May 19, 2006

relapse [ri-'laps]
to fall or slide back into a former state; to regress after partial recovery from illness
Synonyms include: backsliding, fall, lapse, loss, recurrence, regression, repetition, retrogression, return, reversion, setback, weakening

Daniel Powter

Where is the moment when we need it the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue sky's faded to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carrying on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee you go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces every time
And I don't need no carrying on

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day

The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carrying on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

Sometimes the system goes on the blink and the whole thing it turns out Wrong
You might not make it back and you know that you could be well oh that Strong
Well I'm not wrong

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The West Wing
area of the White House by the Oval Office which houses offices for senior members of the Executive Office of the President of the United States

I love this show and I'm sad to see it gone. I loved it even more when I got back home from DC...I'm planning to go FOR SURE next year. WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME! I'm serious. I really do miss it...
trade ['trAd]
an exchange of one thing for another
Synonyms include: barter, contract, deal, interchange, swap, transaction

I was looking for something in my huge plastic crate of pictures and look what I found!
Basketball trading cards - of all things! I didn't collect them or anything and I can't seem to remember who I got these from (I'm guessing Koy) but anyhow, look who they feature!...
Nick VanExel...Matt's pager code and basically his accompanying number to anything was derived from this guy's jersey number. He played for the Lakers for 5 seasons, then left for Denver, Dallas, Golden State, Portland and now San Antonio. Geez...
Oh Eddie Jones. I miss this guy! I remember I was kind of bitter because he shared his first year in the NBA with the more popular Jason Kidd and Grant Hill and, despite winning MVP at the rookie game that All-Star weekend, was still a bit overshadowed by the other two. I used to have this poster that featured Eddie Jones, Jason Kidd, Steve Smith and Kevin Garnett and at the bottom it read "REVOLUTION." I have it here somewhere. If I ever get my mansion, I'm planning to hang that bad boy in the rec room.
I'll never forget the day we found out he was getting traded to Charlotte. I was working at the bookstore and oh the shock and sadness! The very next day, Ate Tin-Tin wore black to mourn. Hahaha...Edwin's "code" for everything was based on this guy. He even changed it to 6 when Eddie changed his jersey from 25.

Cedric Ceballos...champion of the slam dunk contest with his blindfolded antics. Woo hoo! He's the reason behind all my 23's. Everyone thinks it's because of Michael Jordan but it's not. Remember his song, "Flow On?" Hahaha! I totally have it.

Okay, just had to share that with all of you. It just made me laugh. Wonder if they'll be worth anything in the future?...No?...Hello?

long, crazy, busy day...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

vent ['vent]
a means of escape or release from confinement; an outlet
Synonyms include: assert, declare, discharge, drive out, emit, empty, express, give off, give out, issue, loose, pour out, provide escape, release, unleash, utter, ventilate, verbalize, voice

Fantone and I have these unscheduled, though quite timely “venting” sessions which often begin with an innocent phone call to catch up and/or say HELLO, but eventually turn into an emotional gabfest between two friends.

Last Friday, on my drive home from Grandma Kay’s house, Fantone called me with her usual greeting, “What’s up girl?!” That was about 5:00 pm. We chitchatted for awhile, talked about our week, local gossip and such; and then the real discussions began. We talked about her latest frustrations with work, the uncertainty and fear of what our futures hold for us (or may NOT hold for us), missing people, boys and you could just feel our psyches dry heaving because we were emoting so much. We should try to schedule these sessions closer together. Haha!

Last week was just a weird one for some of us. It was like contentment’s balloon was starting to let out air and we had no control over it. We weren’t suffering from any tragedies, nor was the quarterlife crisis thing starting to rear its ugly head again. We just felt a tiny bit helpless for some reason, with various circumstances, and needed to know that we weren’t the only ones feeling this way. After awhile we started laughing and that’s when we realized that it’s all going to be okay.

Before we knew it, the clock suddenly read 7:20 pm. Good times, Fantone. Peace, love and Tony Lucca, girlfriend…

Monday, May 15, 2006

spoiler ['spoi-l&r]
A post to a newsgroup that divulges information intended to be a surprise, such as a plot twist in a movie.
Synonyms include: blockhead, blunderer, bonehead, dunce, featherbrain, flounderer, fool, foul-up, fumbler, goof

Sometimes I just can't learn to keep my mouth shut! Read how I killed the finale of Grey's Anatomy for Seong. DON'T READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET!!

golfcobra7: how was it...
golfcobra7: just tell me if it was better than yesterdays
golfcobra7: cause yesterdays was the BOMB!
Dcgal23: it was intense
golfcobra7: cant wait to watch
golfcobra7: i was out all day today so i forgot to tape it
Dcgal23: after the first hour i was like, what the heck are they gonna do for the 2nd hour?
Dcgal23: the last 30 seconds last night i was like AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
golfcobra7: i know!!!
Dcgal23: i WAS SOOOO not expecting that
Dcgal23: i wanted to smack izzy so badly!
golfcobra7: whats wrong with her! stupid girl
Dcgal23: I KNOW!!!!
Dcgal23: if she hadn't cut off that....
golfcobra7: dont say it
Dcgal23: tube...he probably would've lasted longer than he did
golfcobra7: dont tell me
golfcobra7: what?!?!
Dcgal23: nothing
Dcgal23: nothing
golfcobra7: what?!?!
Dcgal23: nothing
golfcobra7: ANNA!!!!!!
Let's go get boba!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Aaawww, Tin was so cute at 1 1/2 years old cuz she had sooo much hair!

That's my mom teaching me how to love putting together those words! I know ya'll dig my denim apron dress!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

prom ['präm]
a formal dance held for a high-school or college class typically at or near the end of the academic year.
Synonyms include: hoedown, hoodang, hop, jump, mingle, prom, promenade, reception, shindig

Ok, so not every one of these pictures are from prom, but dances were such a big part of life in high school that I had to blog about it. Oh those dances... there's so much I remember. Just trying to figure out what to wear was always an issue to contend with. Then you go with your friends and, if you're lucky, the boy you have a crush on will be there and you can muster up all your courage to either ask him to dance or wait for him to ask you. At this one dance I sure waited..and then he asked my friend to dance instead. I'm not bitter (Cheryl I swear it's okay. Hahaha!)

Ate Tin's gonna freakin' kill me when she finds this picture exposed to the public but I think she's so cute! I could've shown a worse picture so, Ate, just be thankful I didn't.
Why do I have like every one of Joe's dance pictures? Well, except for this one prom senior year his old classmate asked him to. I don't think he even has those. Joe? Hahaha....

This is the night when I officially met Cile. Our introduction by Joe went something like this:

Joe: Anna, this is --
Cile (holding out her hand): HI I'M CILE! Let's go see the pool downstairs!

Did you ever take those dance pictures where the group is so big and random that you probably don't know half the people in it? Yeah, this is one such case. When we got the pictures, some of my friends and I were like, "who are these people!"

This is our junior prom. Do we look hottie patootie or what?! Hahaha! That position with the hand on waist freakin' kills me!

Aaaaw, Joe and Riann weren't even together yet. And this is Daniel Murphy's prom where Randy took Iya.

Winter formal sophomore and Senior year. I almost didn't make it to my last winter formal cuz I didn't have the funds, so my wonderful friends bought me a ticket!

This was the boys' senior prom.

Me & Joe at my senior prom. I had to take pictures for the senior scrapbook AND for yearbook, so I had to carry one color-filmed camera and one with black & white film. Joe...held my purse. Hahaha!
Iya & Eric - Iya has this thing where there's always someone who has the same outfit as her at an event. And for BOTH proms, another girl had her dress. What kind of freakin' deal is that!

Rochelle and Matt - senior year. That's when they KNEW.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

pride ['prId]
a sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect; pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association
Synonyms include: dignity, ego, ego, honor

“Panda fans, we’re here today, to welcome you in a special way. Side by side in unity, we’ll be the best that we can be!”
Hilarious! As happy-go-lucky and cheery as I was, I never pictured myself in a varsity cheerleading uniform…and CAPTAIN of all things! We did a lot in 3 years as a squad, from lowly JV scrubs, to Varsity prestige...well, sort of.
We attended Clipper Spirit cheer clinics where we got to perform at halftime, we had practices galore, went to competition, cheered for our teams (see Cheryl in her basketball uniform? Hahaha!) and just had a great time! We weren’t as hardcore as the Rancho Carne Toros or the East Compton Clovers (we're an all-girl school for sobbing out loud), but we had fun! School pride - it’s a difficult thing not to catch on to. The cheerleading uniform just added a ceremonial effect to it. Watching Cheryl and our bball team killing another school on the court (“Take it away DEFENSE!”), or cheering on our volleyball team (“S-S-S-I-D, S-I-D-E-O-U-T, SIDEOUT! PANDAS!”), in addition to leading the pep rallies, are things that will forever and always bring a smile to my face.
“People in the front, let me hear you grunt – UH! People in the back, show us where it’s at! RIGHT HERE! People in the stands, let me hear you clap your hands – clapclapclap PANDAS! Clapclapclap PANDAS! Clapclapclap PANDAS! ONE MORE TIME!”

That's me in the panda suit. I swear, if our yearbook moderator wasn't one of my favorite teachers and if I wasn't so proud of my school, I would NOT have agreed to do this for the sports title page. Oh panda pride, you're quite the manipulator.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

uniform ['yü-n&-"form]
a distinctive outfit intended to identify those who wear it as members of a specific group
Synonyms include: constant, equable, even, akin, analogous, carbon, consistent, ditto, double, equal, identical, like

Oh that uniform. I didn’t mind it so much, to tell you the truth. There were so many different pieces that the fashionable permutations were truly endless. We had the gray pleated skirt, gray skort, corduroy pants, khaki shorts, navy blue shorts, blue and white oxford polos which came in long or short sleeves, a white polo with our “IH” insignia on the left side, navy blue v-neck and crewneck pullovers, cardigans, vests and sweathshirts. The shoes of choice were penny loafers, black and white saddle shoes or navy blue canvas keds. What uniform? Haha…
We pranced all over the place for 4 years dressed in that garb by Sue Mills, Inc. We walked around campus, went to the library to do research, to Thrifty’s or Baskin Robbins across Franklin Avenue, to the mall, to Taco Bell, Carl’s, Jr or Mcdonald’s (where, believe it or not, Rochelle was hit up by some gangsters), to visit boys’ schools to deliver candy grams. Between 1992-1996, you name it, we probably wore our uniform doing it.
There’s always that combination of uniform pieces, though, that Riann refers to as your “cute outfit.” That’s the combo you wear if you’re meeting up with boys after school. Hahaha! Geez how lame but so true. Mine was the gray skirt, white oxford polo, v-neck pull-over and saddle shoes combination. It, for some reason, epitomized the schoolgirl uniform for me. I felt most presentable in that uniform, whereas, wearing my insignia polo, shorts and keds was a more casual, chill outfit.
Oh, us private Catholic schoolgirls. What can I say except that having to wear uniforms in high school but being able to put different combos together was kind of like getting handed lemons to make lemonade. You roll with it.
Riann would be really happy to know that all I’ve wanted to listen to since the reunion is John Mayer’s “No Such Thing.” How appropo is this song! I was waiting for this "I love Johnny" freak to run through the hallways singing these words nice and loudly, with feeling, but, sadly I was disappointed. Of all the times to sing a moment-appropriate song, Miss Riann, you missed it! I did really want to run through those hallways though. I felt like a ghost walking past those classrooms and lockers, to be so removed for so long and then suddenly pulled back into it, way past my allotted time. But it was worth the time travel, I have to say.

No Such Thing
John Mayer

“welcome to the real world"
she said to me condescendingly
"take a seat, take your life
plot it out in black and white"
well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
and the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
is still hiding up my sleeve

they love to tell you "stay inside the lines"
but something's better on the other side

I want to run through the halls of my high school
I want to scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above

so the good boys and girls take the so-called right track
faded white hats grabbing credits, maybe transfers
they read all the books but they can't find the answers
all of our parents, they're getting older
I wonder if they've wished for anything better
while in their memories, tiny tragedies

they love to tell you "stay inside the lines"
but something's better on the other side

I want to run through the halls of my high school
I want to scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above

I am invincible
I am invincible
I am invincible
as long as I'm alive

I want to run through the halls of my high school
I want to scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above
I just can't wait for my ten year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double door
sand when I stand on these tables before you
you will know what all this time was for

Monday, May 08, 2006

reunion [rE-'yün-y&n]
the act of reuniting; a gathering of the members of a group who have been separated
Synonyms include: alliance, assemblage, attachment, bond, coalition, congregation

When life as a grown-up seems to get in the way of carefree living, I often find myself wishing I were still in high school. As naïve and cliché as that sounds, remembering the simplicities that teenagedom once provided can only produce a hearty laugh from beneath the often heavy burdens of adulthood and responsibility.
I spent Sunday morning and afternoon on my high school campus, not only to celebrate a 10-year reunion with my 1996 senior class, but to revel in the 100th anniversary of Immaculate Heart High School. I’ve been looking forward to this day since I sent my $50 RSVP a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until I drove into the student parking lot with Rochelle, until we walked up the stairs past the freshman lockers like we’ve done hundreds of times, until we saw the panorama of our beautiful campus, did I realize just how lucky I was to be part of such a proud community of educated, talented and generous women of heart.
There were 116 of us who graduated in 1996, and I’ve remained close friends with about a dozen. It’s funny how, on reunion day, it didn’t matter what clics we had in high school; who we ate lunch with, who we carpooled with, whose house we used to get ready for dances at, who we did extra-curricular activities with, etc. On our high school’s 100th birthday, the 40-50 of us ‘96ers embraced each other after 10 years, happier than ever to see such familiar faces again. We were students once, dressed in gray pleated skirts, v-neck sweaters and penny loafers, brooding over Spanish conjugations, English papers, chemical formulas and cheerleading/basketball practices. On this day, sans the catholic schoolgirl uniform that Britney so strategically made famous, we were dressed like women, beaming about husbands, kids and life’s other successes.
IH has changed much since we last took our final bow as high school seniors on Class Day, and rose up as alumni at the Hollywood Bowl a decade ago. The lives that lay before us back then, as uncertain and at times treacherous, as it appeared, armored us with a fearlessness and vitality I often seek protection from these days when values like love, faith and common courtesy have been reduced to signify cowardice and conformity. We were, and always will be, anything but.
There’s much to be said about a high school where alumni from the class of 1931 to the present are there to celebrate the pride and tradition of their alma mater. You could say curiosity played a part in attendance. Possibly a daughter, granddaughter or sister is a current student. Maybe you just want to see old friends. Or maybe there’s just a part of you that never really left.

Raise on high your standard
Sing to alma mater
Immaculate Heart we greet you
Every loyal daughter
We'll lead you on to victory
Never will we fail
For the glory of the blue and white
Hail our alma mater, hail.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

heartache ['härt-"Ak]
emotional anguish; sorrow
Synonyms include: affliction, agony, distress, heartbreak, suffering, torment, torture, woe, wretchedness

Why do certain situations hurt so much? It it because we're faced with unexpected circumstances which delineate us from the hopes we once had? Is it because we feed on momentary clusters of pure ecstacy at the thought of what such moments could mean for the future? Are we ever able to prevent ourselves from wanting something so badly that failing to attain it would result in depression and bitterness?

So season then?

Friday, May 05, 2006

agony ['a-g&-nE]
the suffering of intense physical or mental pain; the struggle that precedes death; sudden or intense emotion; a violent, intense struggle
Synonyms include: affliction, anguish, distress, dolor, misery, pangs, passion, throes, torment, torture, woe

Every shot that they missed, every 3-pointer and free throw that the Suns made (which seemed to occur with every other possession), the 6.7 seconds that could've ended it all - LIKE DAGGERS WHICH STABBED AND TWISTED IN THE HOPEFUL AND LOYAL HEARTS OF US ALL! I think I would've rather they had lost by 20. It wouldn't have been as devastating as it turned out to be, to be sooo close soooooooooooo many times! Don't even get me started on the officiating! JUST DON'T!

So Saturday...Game 7...Phoenix...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

provoke [pr&-'vOk]
to incite to anger or resentment; to stir to action or feeling; to give rise to; evoke; to bring about deliberately; induce: provoke a fight.
Synonyms include: aggravate, anger, annoy, bother, bug, enrage, exasperate, inflame, infuriate, irk, irritate, nag, offend, rile, work up*

James, why?

swooosh3: question...why do you like the Lakers?
swooosh3: and don't say because back in the day Magic and Worthy etc.
Dcgal23: i've been a Laker fan as long as i can remember and i have been watching since magic and worthy days
swooosh3: look at their character...
swooosh3: yeah i can understand why you'd be a fan of that team
Dcgal23: the one from before? long ago?
swooosh3: but look at this team
swooosh3: really are these people you want to root for?
Dcgal23: this team is NOTHING like that team
swooosh3: why not go for the clippers
Dcgal23: the clippers are cool. i didn't say i didn't like them
swooosh3: a bunch of hard working team deffensive ego's on the team
swooosh3: no sex offenders...
Dcgal23: i've just been a laker fan for as long as i can remember. i've seen them go through all their changes
swooosh3: but don't you think that's just blind rationalization?
Dcgal23: what is? i'm not allowed to be a fan of a team just because?
swooosh3: i dunno...makes it seem like because everybody else other people are making up your mind for you
Dcgal23: i'm not gonna ditch and bad-mouth my favorite basketball team because things changed
swooosh3: because it's "cool"
Dcgal23: first it was..."Oh, well what does it matter what randy, paula and simon say. make up your own mind"
swooosh3: i dunno...i just think one should make up their own mind
Dcgal23: so...because i am a fan of this basketball team and i happen to NOT be the only one i must be a follower who doesn't know how to make up her own mind? you're gonna use me liking this basketball team to tell me i don't know how to think for myself
swooosh3: i you think that?
Dcgal23: well you seem to have a strong opinion of my philosophy does it matter what i say?
swooosh3: good question....does it matter what i say?
swooosh3: which is what i'm tryin to say...
swooosh3: it doesn't...all that matters is what you believe in...
Dcgal23: what're you trying to accomplish?
swooosh3: do you always have to have
swooosh3: get you to understand my thinking
Dcgal23: well, you asked me a question and i tried to answer it as best as i could but you're telling me i'm wrong. so why ask me?
swooosh3: well that's my whole thing....
swooosh3: ok you answered my question...i say you're wrong...but why would I say you're wrong?
Dcgal23: i don't know. right wrong...relative
swooosh3: go on
Dcgal23: you're asking me why i think you think i'm wrong?
swooosh3: lol
Dcgal23: i wouldn't really know, james
swooosh3: hmm where am i going with this?
Dcgal23: beats the effin' hell out of me
swooosh3: i don't know myself now...i thought it would be clever
swooosh3: easy easy
swooosh3: don't go raja on me now
swooosh3: i guess i'm tryin to get you to be more assertive...challenge me? tell me i'm wrong for no reason
Dcgal23: i don't make a habit of telling people they're wrong
Dcgal23: you're entitled to your own opinion
swooosh3: i didn't really tell you you're wrong though
Dcgal23: but you want ME to tell YOU that you're wrong
swooosh3: yeah so i can tell you why i'm not

We all know that James like to argue with people...just for the sake of arguing sometimes. But there are those rare occasions when he asks a question and actually wants to hear your answer. After this little exchange that we had, he actually let me talk (type) and explain myself. I don't know if he learned anything but I got him to say he liked my answer - which hardly ever happens, if it ever does. I forget how fun it is to argue your point to someone. It really exercises your mental reflexes. Ok James, what's next on your agenda?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

haunting ['hon-ti[ng]]
to inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being; to come to mind continually
Synonyms include: baneful, clouded, dark, dire, direful, dismal, doomed, doomful, fateful, fearful, forbidding, gloomy, grim, haunting, hostile

Dangit Edwin! WHY! If you don't know the story behind this picture, I'm sure someone will be happy to tell you about it. My bad...
GRRRRRRRRRRR! Raja Bell, you're on my hitlist!

It's okay, we'll recover. NO WORRIES!

(Ummm, Lord, what happened to our deal?)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Kelsito!!!

clutch ['kl&ch]
to grasp and hold tightly; to seize, to snatch
Synonyms include: clinch, cling to, grapple, grasp, grip, harbor, snag, take

YEAH THE LAKERS SNATCHED IT! Shout-outs to some excellent hustling on the court. Lamar, Smush, Luke, Sasha, Devean and of course, KOBE!
Let me hear it! MVP! MVP! See, why are people so worried that he isn't scoring more than 30 points? WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! He shoots when he has to and yesterday homie, in Matt's words, YOU WERE CLUTCH!

I haven't felt that stressed out over a basketball game since Derek Fisher's 0.4 second shot! That one just killed me! I had such a headache for the rest of the afternoon yesterday and I was planning to take a nap, but my endorphins were so wild after the game that I just kind of said SCREW IT! Dad and I were hi-fiving like crazy and my neighbors in the next complex were screaming up the whazoo!

I left the house 15 minutes late this morning because I felt the need to watch EVERY SINGLE REPLAY on ESPN and whatever newshow was showing it. I think I've read every article on the internet (,,, etc) and I spent my 10-minute break reading the sports section of the LA Times here at work. And now I'm email tagging with Chris about it. Hahaha!