Wednesday, May 03, 2006

provoke [pr&-'vOk]
to incite to anger or resentment; to stir to action or feeling; to give rise to; evoke; to bring about deliberately; induce: provoke a fight.
Synonyms include: aggravate, anger, annoy, bother, bug, enrage, exasperate, inflame, infuriate, irk, irritate, nag, offend, rile, work up*

James, why?

swooosh3: question...why do you like the Lakers?
swooosh3: and don't say because back in the day Magic and Worthy etc.
Dcgal23: i've been a Laker fan as long as i can remember and i have been watching since magic and worthy days
swooosh3: look at their character...
swooosh3: yeah i can understand why you'd be a fan of that team
Dcgal23: the one from before? long ago?
swooosh3: but look at this team
swooosh3: really are these people you want to root for?
Dcgal23: this team is NOTHING like that team
swooosh3: why not go for the clippers
Dcgal23: the clippers are cool. i didn't say i didn't like them
swooosh3: a bunch of hard working team deffensive ego's on the team
swooosh3: no sex offenders...
Dcgal23: i've just been a laker fan for as long as i can remember. i've seen them go through all their changes
swooosh3: but don't you think that's just blind rationalization?
Dcgal23: what is? i'm not allowed to be a fan of a team just because?
swooosh3: i dunno...makes it seem like because everybody else other people are making up your mind for you
Dcgal23: i'm not gonna ditch and bad-mouth my favorite basketball team because things changed
swooosh3: because it's "cool"
Dcgal23: first it was..."Oh, well what does it matter what randy, paula and simon say. make up your own mind"
swooosh3: i dunno...i just think one should make up their own mind
Dcgal23: so...because i am a fan of this basketball team and i happen to NOT be the only one i must be a follower who doesn't know how to make up her own mind? you're gonna use me liking this basketball team to tell me i don't know how to think for myself
swooosh3: i you think that?
Dcgal23: well you seem to have a strong opinion of my philosophy does it matter what i say?
swooosh3: good question....does it matter what i say?
swooosh3: which is what i'm tryin to say...
swooosh3: it doesn't...all that matters is what you believe in...
Dcgal23: what're you trying to accomplish?
swooosh3: do you always have to have
swooosh3: get you to understand my thinking
Dcgal23: well, you asked me a question and i tried to answer it as best as i could but you're telling me i'm wrong. so why ask me?
swooosh3: well that's my whole thing....
swooosh3: ok you answered my question...i say you're wrong...but why would I say you're wrong?
Dcgal23: i don't know. right wrong...relative
swooosh3: go on
Dcgal23: you're asking me why i think you think i'm wrong?
swooosh3: lol
Dcgal23: i wouldn't really know, james
swooosh3: hmm where am i going with this?
Dcgal23: beats the effin' hell out of me
swooosh3: i don't know myself now...i thought it would be clever
swooosh3: easy easy
swooosh3: don't go raja on me now
swooosh3: i guess i'm tryin to get you to be more assertive...challenge me? tell me i'm wrong for no reason
Dcgal23: i don't make a habit of telling people they're wrong
Dcgal23: you're entitled to your own opinion
swooosh3: i didn't really tell you you're wrong though
Dcgal23: but you want ME to tell YOU that you're wrong
swooosh3: yeah so i can tell you why i'm not

We all know that James like to argue with people...just for the sake of arguing sometimes. But there are those rare occasions when he asks a question and actually wants to hear your answer. After this little exchange that we had, he actually let me talk (type) and explain myself. I don't know if he learned anything but I got him to say he liked my answer - which hardly ever happens, if it ever does. I forget how fun it is to argue your point to someone. It really exercises your mental reflexes. Ok James, what's next on your agenda?


cecile marie said...

that's why when we were in kauai i wanted to throw drunk james in the ocean. so hai-meh, indian food before you go to india... let's go guys.

ANNA said...

hahaha...maybe i should've posted the calm conversation that we had AFTER this. oh well...sorry james. you're busted.

Ferniemac! said...

Oh Jamesy likes to argue...He better watch out before WE have a debate...drunk or sober....