Tuesday, May 16, 2006

vent ['vent]
a means of escape or release from confinement; an outlet
Synonyms include: assert, declare, discharge, drive out, emit, empty, express, give off, give out, issue, loose, pour out, provide escape, release, unleash, utter, ventilate, verbalize, voice

Fantone and I have these unscheduled, though quite timely “venting” sessions which often begin with an innocent phone call to catch up and/or say HELLO, but eventually turn into an emotional gabfest between two friends.

Last Friday, on my drive home from Grandma Kay’s house, Fantone called me with her usual greeting, “What’s up girl?!” That was about 5:00 pm. We chitchatted for awhile, talked about our week, local gossip and such; and then the real discussions began. We talked about her latest frustrations with work, the uncertainty and fear of what our futures hold for us (or may NOT hold for us), missing people, boys and you could just feel our psyches dry heaving because we were emoting so much. We should try to schedule these sessions closer together. Haha!

Last week was just a weird one for some of us. It was like contentment’s balloon was starting to let out air and we had no control over it. We weren’t suffering from any tragedies, nor was the quarterlife crisis thing starting to rear its ugly head again. We just felt a tiny bit helpless for some reason, with various circumstances, and needed to know that we weren’t the only ones feeling this way. After awhile we started laughing and that’s when we realized that it’s all going to be okay.

Before we knew it, the clock suddenly read 7:20 pm. Good times, Fantone. Peace, love and Tony Lucca, girlfriend…

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