Thursday, May 25, 2006

cynic ['si-nik]
a person whose outlook is scornfully and often habitually negative
Synonyms include: detractor, disbeliever, doubter, misanthrope, misogynist, pessimist, questioner, satirist, scoffer, skeptic, sneerer, unbeliever


realist ['rE-&-"li-st]
one who is inclined toward literal truth and pragmatism
Synonyms (sort of) include : Someone who sees and hears what's right in front of him/her and nothing beyond that

Yes people, there IS a difference. Many think they're interchangeable terms, but one is not synonymous with the other. Just because someone's outlook on something is not optimistic or ideal, doesn't mean they feel something dismal looming in the background. It just means they don't look beyond what's in front of their face, that's all. I just watched "HITCH" and it made me want to talk about this. Alrighty then...

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dorothy said...

i thought it sounded familiar. i love that movie.