Thursday, May 11, 2006

prom ['präm]
a formal dance held for a high-school or college class typically at or near the end of the academic year.
Synonyms include: hoedown, hoodang, hop, jump, mingle, prom, promenade, reception, shindig

Ok, so not every one of these pictures are from prom, but dances were such a big part of life in high school that I had to blog about it. Oh those dances... there's so much I remember. Just trying to figure out what to wear was always an issue to contend with. Then you go with your friends and, if you're lucky, the boy you have a crush on will be there and you can muster up all your courage to either ask him to dance or wait for him to ask you. At this one dance I sure waited..and then he asked my friend to dance instead. I'm not bitter (Cheryl I swear it's okay. Hahaha!)

Ate Tin's gonna freakin' kill me when she finds this picture exposed to the public but I think she's so cute! I could've shown a worse picture so, Ate, just be thankful I didn't.
Why do I have like every one of Joe's dance pictures? Well, except for this one prom senior year his old classmate asked him to. I don't think he even has those. Joe? Hahaha....

This is the night when I officially met Cile. Our introduction by Joe went something like this:

Joe: Anna, this is --
Cile (holding out her hand): HI I'M CILE! Let's go see the pool downstairs!

Did you ever take those dance pictures where the group is so big and random that you probably don't know half the people in it? Yeah, this is one such case. When we got the pictures, some of my friends and I were like, "who are these people!"

This is our junior prom. Do we look hottie patootie or what?! Hahaha! That position with the hand on waist freakin' kills me!

Aaaaw, Joe and Riann weren't even together yet. And this is Daniel Murphy's prom where Randy took Iya.

Winter formal sophomore and Senior year. I almost didn't make it to my last winter formal cuz I didn't have the funds, so my wonderful friends bought me a ticket!

This was the boys' senior prom.

Me & Joe at my senior prom. I had to take pictures for the senior scrapbook AND for yearbook, so I had to carry one color-filmed camera and one with black & white film. Joe...held my purse. Hahaha!
Iya & Eric - Iya has this thing where there's always someone who has the same outfit as her at an event. And for BOTH proms, another girl had her dress. What kind of freakin' deal is that!

Rochelle and Matt - senior year. That's when they KNEW.


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