Wednesday, May 17, 2006

trade ['trAd]
an exchange of one thing for another
Synonyms include: barter, contract, deal, interchange, swap, transaction

I was looking for something in my huge plastic crate of pictures and look what I found!
Basketball trading cards - of all things! I didn't collect them or anything and I can't seem to remember who I got these from (I'm guessing Koy) but anyhow, look who they feature!...
Nick VanExel...Matt's pager code and basically his accompanying number to anything was derived from this guy's jersey number. He played for the Lakers for 5 seasons, then left for Denver, Dallas, Golden State, Portland and now San Antonio. Geez...
Oh Eddie Jones. I miss this guy! I remember I was kind of bitter because he shared his first year in the NBA with the more popular Jason Kidd and Grant Hill and, despite winning MVP at the rookie game that All-Star weekend, was still a bit overshadowed by the other two. I used to have this poster that featured Eddie Jones, Jason Kidd, Steve Smith and Kevin Garnett and at the bottom it read "REVOLUTION." I have it here somewhere. If I ever get my mansion, I'm planning to hang that bad boy in the rec room.
I'll never forget the day we found out he was getting traded to Charlotte. I was working at the bookstore and oh the shock and sadness! The very next day, Ate Tin-Tin wore black to mourn. Hahaha...Edwin's "code" for everything was based on this guy. He even changed it to 6 when Eddie changed his jersey from 25.

Cedric Ceballos...champion of the slam dunk contest with his blindfolded antics. Woo hoo! He's the reason behind all my 23's. Everyone thinks it's because of Michael Jordan but it's not. Remember his song, "Flow On?" Hahaha! I totally have it.

Okay, just had to share that with all of you. It just made me laugh. Wonder if they'll be worth anything in the future?...No?...Hello?

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