Wednesday, April 28, 2004


So I didn't spend the evening on the treadmill at the gym or at home watching the Lakers beat the Houston Rockets. I was with Iya and Jhoette at Cedars Sinai Hospital becaue Iya's got a new nephew. That's right! Kuya Francis and Ate Jenny had baby Matthew Lorenzo Morelos at 6:30 pm today, April 28th. At only 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 1/2 inches, his parents are already looking forward to his future as a doctor, a Laker or an American Idol! He's got dark curly hair (it was combed down though after his first bath), a light complexion (like his mommy) and the features of a Morelos (like his daddy). Jhoette and I both got to hold him for a few minutes and I can't say enough of how it feels to hold a newborn baby. Congratulations to the whole family, especially first-time parents, Kuya Francis & Ate Jenny, first-time grandparents, Tito Nesty & Tita Susie and new auntie Iya!!!! Can't wait 'til Kuya Dennis and Ate Myla have theirs!

Yes it's been a joyous evening. As we were walking through the hallway towards the elevators, a bunch of people were watching the game in the waiting room so we got to see the last 40 seconds or so. GREAT JOB LAKERS! BRING ON THE SPURS!

A new baby AND the Lakers advancing to the 2nd round of the playoffs? Who can I hug for such a great day?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Oh Cecile Marie Fortun Tecson...when you throw a party, you THROW A PARTY! Saturday evening was Cile's 26th Birthday celebration and all that morning, bright and early at 8 am, as I went to get an oil change, washed my car, ran to the bank and cleaned house (oh, and do my nails...hee hee hee), all I wanted was for it to be 6:00 pm so I could hang out with my friends!

So I was done getting ready by 5:15, waiting patiently for Jhoette and Randy to arrive so we could head out at 5:45 on the dot as Iya had asked. Thankfully, Randy drove so Jhoette was forced to get ready quicker than he's used to so we were actually on time when we picked up Iya from Church (Thanks again Randy!). We had dinner at a restaurant on the corner of Virgil and Melrose called Cha Cha Cha. The restaurant isn't very big but you don't pay for space, you pay for food and ambiance. A party of 36, we provided each other with enough distraction to last the evening through (our favorite distraction being Cile's niece Arianna. CUTE BABY!!!). Our bill came to $836, no gratuity included. And because we were in the company of generous friends and family, we were $64 over in collections. Cile used that for drinks later on.

We got to Gotham Hall on 3rd Street at around 9:30 pm. Ready to dance and drink the night away, everyone headed towards the bar to take part in the libations. And the rest of the evening, need I say, was filled with the great times you can only remember with fondness: Everyone's new haircuts, Cile downing practically everything people handed to her, Riann doing her best impression of Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" video, seeing people you haven't seen in the longest time, watching couples make out against the walls or on the couch (geez people get a room!), Anna sandwiches on the dancefloor (I personally did NOT find this amusing but others seemed to get a laugh), hearing Edwin scream "WESTSIDE 'TIL I MUTHAF*CKIN' DIE!" every 10 seconds, Joemama complaining that the evening's version of Drunk Iya was not up to par, witnessing the Iya-Jhoette-Christine-Mark connection in its funnest form yet, Edwin and Joe needing their own dancefloor...lots of new memories.

We ended the evening with a late late late dinner at Norm's; steaks, belgian waffles, french toast....mmmmmm...

All I wanted from that evening was for the celebrant to have fun and I believe she did. No one deserves it more! Happy Birthday again C-cil!!!
  • Here's some footage!

    I forgot to greet you on my blog yesterday Cile! So, HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY C-CIL! Thanks for the great conversation last night! It doesn't happen often enough.

    Here kids, read about Cile's twin...

    Getting to know...

    GWEN ANTONIO aka GWEEEEN / Gwennie
    Vitals: Gweeeen and I met our sophomore year at UCI because we did a dance for PCN called Pasigin where we pretended to be fisherchicks = 6 years and counting
    Role In My Life: Our Most Dedicated Commuter – Seriously, this girl has to be one of the most hardworking friends you can ever have; and I’m not talking about what a good student she is or what an excellent nurse she’s gonna make. After graduation, Gwen moved back home to the land of strawberries and outlets: Oxnard. Screw the possible 3 hour drive to Irvine or the hour drive to Glendale or LA in the horror of southern Cali traffic. If it’s your birthday or you just wanna have lunch, shop and watch a movie, Gwen will stand the long commute and then head back home at 2 in the morning just to be with you. We don’t say it enough, but I can’t tell her how much that means to us.
    Good Times: On my 21st birthday, we had a party at our apartment. After 2 huge mugs of strawberry daiquiri, I was out! I hung on until midnight to blow out the candles on my cake, then I ran to the bathroom, hurled and knocked out on my bed while everyone partied downstairs. I woke up at about 3:00 am to someone else groaning in the room. I struggle to turn over and there’s Gwennie, knocked out on Terry’s bed, moaning cuz her stomach hurts and she’s got a headache. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who’d had too much to drink that night!
    In her own words: “I hate her! I hate Ashanti! No talent! She has no talent!” Don’t get Gwennie started on Ashanti

    Sunday, April 25, 2004


    So I finally gave in and watched The Passion on friday night with Iya and Jhoette. I really thought I'd live without having to watch it, thinking that the story had been embedded so deeply in me enough (during 13 years of Catholic school) I heard how long the sscourging scene was (12 minutes I think they said) and I hate watching people suffer. Anyhow, Iya somehow convinced me to just watch it and I did, heart beating as loud as ever the second I sat down in the theater. And then it began, 2 + hours of Jesus' road to Calvary. I cried at least half the time, especially during the scourging. Though my eyes were closed, the lash of the whip hitting flesh wasn't the quietest sound and it just made me sob harder. I think if I had just watched it, maybe I wouldn't have cried so much and might've just sat there in shock to the horror of the torture, the torment.

    I couldn't begin to explain how I feel about the movie. It's not your typical blockbuster, chockfull of action sequences and famous headlining actors, and it's no independent film, filled with the simplicity of script and direction. The Passion just IS and I can't recommend that anyone see it or don't see it. It's something I'd leave up to the one caught with the decision. Just don't expect to understand more of a something or even understand less. Don't watch it hoping for answers to questions. That's not what it was to me, but you'd be the judge.

    Thursday, April 22, 2004


    Riann and I went to mass today and Fr. Maurice gave a homily about guardian angels. He talked about how we've forgotten they exist. We've been taught in our childhood that at the moment we're brought into this world, we're all assigned a guardian angel who sits on our shoulders, guiding us through life. I remember in elementary school, the prayer to our guardian angel was said right before recess every single day and I don't think it's meant anything to me until I was reminded today.

    Fr. Maurice advised that angels are some of our greatest intercessors to God, and moreso our protectors and communication experts. If we're ever in a bind trying to get something across or we're afraid of something, not only can we call on God in prayer, but we can ask for a little assitance from our guardian angels, our lifelong friends. I know it sounds crazy, and maybe even a little childish for a 26-year old to be calling on her guardian angel for help, but it's that mysticism inside all of us that yearns for this kind of help, this kind of faith that you just don't question. Next time you can't seem to figure something out, call on your guardian angel for some aid. You might be surprised.

    Fr. Maurice even told us that every guardian angel has a name. He said we don't GIVE them names, we ask and they just let US know. So after communion, in the silence of my reflection and prayer, I asked my guardian angel what their name was and before I could finish the question in my head, I got an answer. My guardian angel's name is Gordon. When we got out of mass I told Riann about my guardian angel and her response was, "So my guardian angel's name is Bruno, and he's German." Ha ha there you have it, Gordon and Bruno, our guardian angels. I know all of you have got one and as much as you'd like to say this is weird or childish and would rather not participate, just give it a try. Ask YOUR guardian angel what their name is and see if there's anything they can help you with. It never hurts to ask for an extra hand to hold in life.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2004

    Getting to know...

    Vitals: I can’t remember exactly where I met Mark, but I believe it was around sophomore year in high school. However, I never actually got to talk to him until our junior year = 10 years and counting
    Role In My Life: Mr. Nice Guy – In the decade we’ve known each other, Markie hasn’t done much to upset me (except tease me mercilessly about my height and make my best friend cry but that’s all good now). He’s seriously one of the sweetest, kindest people I know, so loving to his family, especially his little brother and just so much fun to be around. He’s always got a comforting word when you need it, and he’ll say it in that sweet raspy voice of his =) How could someone not be grateful for such company?
    Good Times: Everyone knows that the boys are notorious for their gaseous contributions to our clean air. In other words, they fart like their very livelihood depended on it. One summer day some years ago, I spent an afternoon in Pasadena with Mark & Iya. While Iya was waiting in line to pay for something, Mark and I were standing by the walls, about 10-15 feet away, perusing the merchandise and chatting. Out of nowhere, Mark let out this huge, stank fart and walked away. This caused everyone in line to look my way and when I turned to give Mark a dirty look, HE WAS GONE! Stupid jackass farted off the richter scale and walked out of the store leaving me to take the blame! I walked out of the store and there’s Mark laughing his butt off!
    In his own words: “Magnadildoe…” – To be said in a sing-songy way to the tune of Magnadoodle

    Wednesday, April 14, 2004

    AI LIVE! (Ate Cyn and Ate, this blog entry’s for you guys!)

    Guess what I freakin’ did yesterday? I went to a live taping of American Idol! My aunt called me Monday morning at work and asked if I could get out early Tuesday so I could go. Apparently, she and her co-workers went last week, but didn’t get in because they overdistributed the tickets or something. So to make up for it, they gave her VIP tickets so we wouldn’t have to line up outside the studio. So as fate would have it, my boss is gone and my “supervisor-like” said I could get out at 1:00 pm. I left work at 1:00 pm, picked up some Del Taco for me and my sister (she’s on spring break lucky brat!), and then headed to downtown to pick up my aunt and her 2 co-workers. Oh man downtown LA -- could there be a more confusing place for me? I had to exit off that offramp on the 110 where it’s like 6th/4th/3rd street/Wilshire Blvd (WTF!? PICK ONE!), and I took 4th (the office is on 4th & Flower) and I ended up in the freakin’ Fashion District! I was like, where the hell am I? Cile and Joe, you guys would’ve been laughing at me if you were in the car cuz I was just baffled! Anyhow, I managed to get on 5th, then Figueroa, THEN 4th THEN Flower! Geez louise!!!

    We got to the CBS studios on La Bea (or is it Beverly?…No La Brea) at 3:00, parked, then headed to the soundstage. They had port-a-potties outside and we were all so apprehensive about using them. But I told my aunt that since we’re at a studio, they have to be nicer than the regular booty ones. And they so were! The toilets flushed properly, the floor inside was carpeted, there were toilet seat covers(!) and a sink! Fancy!

    So we get inside to sit down at about 4:30. Seated in section A, row 7, we waited anxiously for everything to start. We sat right beside Diana DeGarmo’s family and behind George Huff’s family. The only reason I know is because the girl sitting next to me was like SUPERFAN! She was the first person there that day so she got to watch the rehearsals. She was all about it, giving me tidbits about every freakin’ thing that went on. It was kinda cool at first but then it got annoying (picture me rolling my eyes here). Anyhow, the theme was movie soundtracks and I think they all did well, even that red-headed guy and the pen salesman who I think have sucked up to this point. Quentin Tarantino was the guest judge and he was as honest as Simon, not sugarcoating his commentary like other guest judges have done. After LeToya sang (“Somewhere” from West Side Story. DAMN THE PIPES ON THAT CHICK!), Quentin’s all, “I have 3 words for you…POWER F-in HOUSE!” But after everyone performed, they made him tape his comment over cuz of the whole censor thing. He didn’t say the real word. He actually said “’F’ in,” but they made me re-do it anyhow. Gosh.

    So I think Diana DeGarmo and Jasmine Trias will get booted this week cuz all the judges are saying how they’ve got great voices but they’re too young, trying to be too old. Oh well, we’ll see. Tune in and see if you can see me. Maybe they’ll pan and you’ll find me clapping away. If you’re looking at the stage, I’d be on the right side, 4th seat from the end of the row towards the front. I’m wearing a white blouse. Hee hee hee…hilarious! I had so much fun…probably moreso if it was last year’s group, but these finalists are cool too. That’s it…hee hee hee…

    Watch out for Rochelle, Matt and her mom this Thursday. She has tickets for the results show. Pray she gets in so you can all look out for them too…HILARIOUS GUYS! SIMPLY HILARIOUS WAS THE EXPERIENCE!

    Tuesday, April 13, 2004


    I had work on Good Friday, something I’m SO not used to because for 13 years of Catholic school, we began Easter Break the minute the bell rang at 12:00 pm on Holy Thursday. And then for the past how many years, my office observed Good Friday as a “holiday” so we never had work. But this year, for some unknown reason, they decided to trade Good Friday for Columbus Day! Ummm, ok random.

    Anyhow, on Good Friday, my family and I usually spend a good amount of time in church, praying and reflecting as we commemorate Jesus’ passion by doing the stations of the cross. Well, since mom and I had work on Friday, we didn’t get to church until much later in the evening but managed to walk in on station #3 en espanol…estacion tercera…After that, we went to say the rosary at the grade school auditorium where they set up a vigil with the consecrated hosts on an altar-like shrine. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that quiet time is rarely achieved. But it’s always during the Lenten season when I make the true effort to sit in silence and talk to God.

    I think I’ve found further purpose for my religion as time has gone by. When you’re younger, you feel a little forced, a little obligated. But when you start making your own decisions, then turning to religion in times of trouble or happiness occurs more willingly than obligatory and that’s how it should be. Well, before I get going on religion, I’ll stop this discussion here.

    Easter Sunday was grret! We went to mass at 9:30 am, getting to the parking lot half an hour early to fight for parking spaces and seats. After mass, the family had an early lunch at Olive Garden. After watching the Lakers lose to the freakin’ Sacramento Kings (who I detest along with San Antonio, sorry if you’re a fan) my sister and my cousins, Mari and Kesh and I went to Beverly Center to watch Ned Kelly. It’s a movie with Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom about an Austrailian outlaw back in the late 1800’s. It’s only on limited release here in the US. The Beverly Center Cineplex was the only place in this area that’s showing it and the theater we were in was like the size of my room! Plus, the mall itself was closed (except for 2 GUESS? stores and the bookstore by the theater) so it was a very dawn-of-the-dead kind of ambiance. So, we thought the four of us would be the only ones there for that movie, which would’ve been fun as hell, but another chick came in. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the film, but it was actually really interesting and I was super into it (and not only cuz Orlando was in as many scenes as the lead). But oh was it SAD! Very dramatic! After the movie we were like, geez, what a downer! That was my easter…how was yours?

    Monday, April 12, 2004

    Getting to know...

    Vitals: Met sophomore year because my high school’s home court for basketball was Daniel Murphy’s court. We went there to cheer for our basketball team and Joe introduced us to Ryan = 11 years and counting
    Role In My Life: Mr. Discipline – Ryan’s one of the most responsible people I know. He’s very unwavering when it comes to work and being healthy. He’ll go to bed at 7 pm to get up for his 3:00 am call time every morning without fail. And, talk about healthy! Have you seen this boy’s bod? “Buff Daddy” we used to call him. He (like all the boys) eats like there’s no tomorrow sometimes, but he’s always got the balance act of working out to prevent that flab from ever appearing.
    Good Times: During the summer of 1996, after we all graduated from high school, Mark, Ryan, Eric, Cile, Rochelle and I all got jobs at Universal Studios. Ryan was a regular at the Studio Grill, the employee cafeteria. Anyhow, we had to head to the wardrobe department everyday to get a new uniform for our shift. One day, Ryan wore a pair of pants that were really tight and he couldn’t figure out why. They were so tight (not to mention a tad short) that the pager on one of his side pockets created this huge bump on his hip! Boy was it was protruding! If you know what a tall, buff guy Ryan is, you’d know that it was FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS! He found out AFTER his shift that the wardrobe guy gave him the wrong slacks. He wore women’s pants instead of men’s for like 8 hours!
    In his own words: “What do you take me for?…GRANTED?!”


    Happy 26th Birthday to my high school buddy Riza!!!!

    Sunday, April 11, 2004



    Thursday, April 08, 2004


    HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY RYAN!! Don't be screamin' in people's ears today okay?

    Wednesday, April 07, 2004


    Maybe one morning I'll be able to open my eyes and bask in the potential of a new day instead of closing my eyes at night and dreading the coming tomorrow...
    Maybe one day I'll jump out of bed WHEN the alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze button and burying my head under the covers...
    Maybe one day I will look in the mirror as I brush my teeth and say, "Good Morning You!" and mean it...
    Maybe one day I won't feel so apprehensive about taking chances, reminding myself how much I'm capable of...
    Maybe someday I'll understand why people do the things that they do, THINKING they're doing more good when they're doing more harm...
    Maybe one day I can wipe away life's impurities with the purity of a loving and accepting heart...
    Maybe someday I'll find optimism in the most pessimistic of situations...
    Maybe, if I'm lucky, one of these somedays will be someday soon...

    Monday, April 05, 2004

    Getting to know...

    Vitals: Met sophomore year on my first day of tinikling practice in 1998. I was a tapper and she was a dancer. AND, I helped her and Ate Tin-Tin with costumes that year = 6 years and counting.
    Role In My Life: Storyteller Extraordinaire - Have you ever read this girl's blog? She tells you she likes telling stories but that is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Ate Cyn has THOUSANDS of stories to tell. In one night of helping her sew up some pcn costumes (say about 8 hours), I must've heard AT LEAST 20 different things that happened in her lifetime. FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!
    Good Times: 2 great moments with Ate Cyn (In addition to the Kelly Clarkson & Clay Aiken concert of course): 1) That night the two of us literally stayed up until morning sewing costumes. We saw the sun set and the sun rise. 2) Ate Cyn knows I'm a neat freak and she never misses the opportunity to take advantage of this. When I was still living in Irvine and she would come over, she'd sneak up to my room and RANSACK my bed. I'm talkin' 'bout sliding the mattress over, scattering my pillows all over the place right after she pulls each pillow half-way out of its pillow cases, scrunching up the comforter and tucking the bedskirt
    In her own words: “You know what JC stands for?...Just for Cyn" -- Ate Cyn after an *NSYNC concert in San Diego


    Finish my accounting homework or talk about the concert? I'LL TALK ABOUT THE CONCERT! Okay, in case you don't already know, I went to the Kelly Clarkson & Clay Aiken concert last night with Ate Tin-Tin, Ate Cyn and my sister. Yeah yeah yeah, I can hear ALL of you laughing your booties off, hoping for the first opportunity to give me grief. And I will admit, as Ate Tin-Tin and Ate Cyn will also, that every single time someone asked us what we were doing this weekend, we all quickly uttered under our breaths, "Oh, I'm going to a concert" hoping they wouldn't ask which one...which people did every time. But after last night, screw it! I went to the Kelly Clarkson/Clay Aiken concert and I loved it!!!"

    My sister and I met up with Ate Tin-Tin at Ate Cyn's house which harbors a front yard garage big enough to fit 15 cars. We played with Ate Cyn's bunnies, Kobe and PJ (short for Phil Jackson) for a few minutes before we headed to Downtown Disney at an attempt to have dinner at Rainforest Cafe before the concert at the Pond. Unfortunately, we axed that idea with only an hour left before showtime and 45 minutes left before we would get seated. We ended up at Carl's Jr. where Ate Tin-Tin suffered through a horrid migraine. As all migraines must be effectively remedied, she hurled in the bathroom hoping to feel any kind of relief. With a motrin caplet, some Sprite and a few bites of a chicken sandwich in her system, we got to the Pond safely with half an hour left before showtime. Ate Tin-Tin felt much better by the time Kelly took the stage and moreso when Clay came out.

    Yes, I loved the concert and let me tell you why. I've been to a lot of concerts in the last 7 years and fortunately for me, I got my money's worth on all of them. The entertainment and satisfaction level that concerts provide is unprecedented. To watch a favorite performer live is an incredible feeling. Special effects are more than welcome. Shoot, *NSYNC's NO STRINGS ATTACHED and POPOdyssey TOURS were filled with special effects and gags. But the most memorable part of the concerts for me is never the artist flying over the audience, the 20 costume-changes, the talented back-up dancers or the pyrotechnics cued to the beats of the music. It's the wonder singing on stage. Those songs and the voices that sing them are what gets to the heart. *NSYNC's last tour, CELEBRITY is my absolute favorite tour of theirs because it was just the 5 guys, their band and their music. It was perfection.

    Kelly and Clay's stage presence wasn't marked by the blank screen in the back flashing holographic symbols, or the dozens of string lights hanging from the rafters, or the disco ball that spun spots of light around the entire arena. It was the simplicity and power of their voices ringing out in song that made the evening so worthwhile. It was also their personable attitude on stage that got to us. Kelly sat on the edge of the stage as she sang some of her songs and signed autographs for some fans. She gladly accepted a lei from someone in the audience and wore it for a few songs. Clay spotted a girl in the front row talking on her cell phone as he sang and asked to talk to whoever she was talking to. As corny as these actions seem, I thought it showed how down-to-earth they still are and how grateful they've managed to remain. Granted they're not as big as Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears, they're still celebrities who owe a great part of their status to the fans and they really showed their appreciation through this concert.

    I can't even begin to tell any of you what great performers Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken are. The fact that they sound as awesome live as they do on TV or on the radio is a true testament to their talent. Goosebumps I tell you - every single time they opened their mouths. Amazing!

    Thanks Ate, for this stupendous birthday gift! Thanks Ate Cyn for always being such great company! Thanks Tin, for letting us be a part of your first concert experience!
  • Check out the concert footage!
  • Friday, April 02, 2004


    In the words of LFO, “I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch.”…well it’s really no wonder why. Everyone who works there sporting the goods (including the guys) all seem to be attractive young people. I haven’t bought a single article of clothing from there in practically 2 years. Maybe I just haven’t found anything remotely reflective of my style or maybe it’s because you can’t buy anything there for less than $40 unless it’s on the clearance rack. Anyhow, Tita Cecile gave me a $50 gift card for my birthday and since I was gonna be at the mall to shop with Iya and Bobbers anyhow, I thought I’d have a look and see if something there would catch my eye. First I went searching for this blouse I saw on the website. Yes I went on the website. It was one of those bored-to-hell-at-work days (when is it NOT this kind of day, but anyhow), and I remembered the gift card, so I thought I’d peruse the website to see if they had anything I liked. So I found this one blouse and when I got to the store yesterday, ‘lo and behold, there it was staring at me. I grabbed it to try on, knowing it cost $39.50, in addition to another blouse for the same price…just for fun.

    I walked through the rest of the store to see if anything else was worth trying on and I noticed that there were a lot more people working the floor than usual. Apparently, there was a group of new-hires getting trained and let me tell you, my insecurities, fully-accepted as they have been for years, came rushing back as I looked at Abercrombie’s newest employees. Handsome young men, who you just know were probably voted most athletic or most popular in their class, were all over the place, hanging new arrivals on display as they modeled the latest merchandise: striped polos worn 2 at a time, with both collars up, cargo shorts and flipflops. With their rusted blonde hair and green and blue eyes, these model-looking guys complimented the cursed little petite chicks, (cheerleaders I bet) parading the store in their short-ass (LITERALLY!) Paris Hilton skirts and A & F tanks and tubetops.

    Am I jealous? HEALL YEAH! How many souls does one have to sell to Satan to look like that? To quote Jamie from 98.7, “Bitter – party of 1?!” (Ha ha ha Iya!)