Thursday, April 27, 2006

assist [&-'sist]
to give help or support to, especially as a subordinate or supplement; aid
Synonyms include: aid, back, facilitate, reinforce, relieve, support

I got an email from my boss, Bob, this morning greeting me a BELATED HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT’S DAY! Hahaha! It’s so funny because this is the first time my duties actually coincide with my title. Some of my other positions, like accounting intern and customer service rep, made my job sound pretty focused, but they all placed me with duties far and way beyond what you’d think my title would call for.

Anyhow, so I’ve been an advertising sales assistant at this place for almost 3 months!!! I can’t believe that! My 90-day probation will officially be over on or after May 6th - CRAZY! And Gramma Kay can collect the rest of her referral bonus (you should take me out to lunch for not getting fired…yet). I really like this new job because I’m learning so much everyday. I literally knew NOTHING about publishing and now I feel like I've been given a sneak preview of how much else I COULD and HOPE TO learn.

I don't mind being an assistant though. I realize a lot of people are like, "Assistant? That just means you do what people tell you to fo." But it's not like that. I feel like I've been entrusted with so many things so fast and it's not even about taking orders from higher ups. I like helping people get things done; being organized and making to-do lists. I love crossing things out or checking them off. I love behind-the-scenes work! I'd MUCH rather be the wedding planner than the bride; the screenwriter more than the actress.

Assisting just gives me an excuse to be OCD, okay? Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

shortcake [shôrt-kAk]
a dessert consisting of a biscuit or cake served with fruit and topped with cream
Synonyms: ummm...might need to ask an expert about this one...

Project #2 was underway tonight. I learned how to make powdered sugar, sugar water...I mean simple syrup (hahaha!), whipped cream, what it means to "cater wrap" food and a lot of other stuff I'm sure I'm going to get tested on later. Hopefully this tastes as good as it was fun to make. If not, you can blame Chef Seong since I'm only the sous chef. Just kidding! Anyhow...


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

farewell [fâr-wl]
an acknowledgment at parting; a goodbye
Synonyms: adieu, cheerio, goodbye, parting, sendoff, so long
Last Thursday we spent an evening at Manna, eating, drinking and most importantly, enjoying Jhoette's company before he had to head back to the Philippines. I'm so excited for him. To become the doctor I always knew he would be, will be one of the most important things I'll ever witness in a friend's life. His vacation, though short, was well-deserved and well-worth our late weeknights.
He seems much different from his last visit. There's a calmness about him, a contemplative seriousness that I wasn't used to, but came to appreciate as of lately. His usual mischievousness was still present, as I hope it will always be. But he seems to have done a lot of growing. I suppose delivering babies and helping cure the masses who inhabit such a humble country will do that to you.So, until we meet each other again, I pray for my good friend. I pray that his strength is rejuvinated daily, that he's never short on perserverance and most of all, that he's always safe from harm.

Dr. Dumlao, here's to you!

Monday, April 24, 2006

nuisance ['nyü-s&n(t)s]
one that is inconvenient, annoying, or vexatious; a bother
Synonyms include: annoyance, bother, bummer, headache, inconvenience, infliction, irritation, pain,

I had such a great day today. I got up extra early to take Tin to morning weight training, and arrived in Thousands Oaks at 7:00 am. Since I had time to kill, I went to STARBUCKS and treated myself to a venti iced vanilla latte with soy and my favorite type of bread: a croissant. That thing kept me wide awake all day. NOT ONCE did I nod off like I usually do in the afternoon. I was really busy too though, so I'm sure that helped me out.

Plus, Barbara was out today and Kirsten went home early because she felt sick so I was left by myself to finish things they left for me to do without them to call on. I had to run some month end reports too and I ACTUALLY BALANCED THE FIRST TIME! Last month I had to run the reports literally 12 times because the numbers weren't adding up, and today I was scared because I didn't have Barbara to help me. But I BALANCED! Yay Anna!

Looking forward to an evening of yoga after such a productive day, I didn't think this day could get any better. It didn't get better. It got bad. Before I left for the gym, my dad came upstairs from the garage and asked if I'd gotten into an accident. Accident? Why? There is a huge dent on my left rear bumper. It looks like someone just decked it. WHAT....THE...HECK! So, first my car gets viciously keyed and just when I planned to get that fixed, THIS HAPPENS?

I seriously kept myself from crying after I saw it. I realize that I can't do anything about it now, but I'm just so annoyed. I know it could've been worse; I could've been in a bad accident, etc. but there are just times I have to ask why, that's all. Am I being punished? Is someone trying to get back at me? Am I being taught some kind of lesson that I have yet to understand? Life's just unfair sometimes I suppose.

What a freakin' buzz-killer.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

picnic ['pik-nik]
an excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open
Synonyms include: barbecue, cookout, excursion, outing, tea party, weiner roast

I woke up this morning and went DOH! Why does every joint in my body ache? After only playing 2 1/3 sets of volleyball (we only played up to 5 points during a third game cuz Seong had work. Hahaha!), how could I be in this much pain? Well, Anna, you’re out of shape and that’s just sad! It’s okay though, because we’re trying to fix that (we being me and Riann, right babygirl? How lucky is 24-hour fitness that we even show up?) I can’t deny how much fun it was though.

The weather was fickle, as usual. It’s been spring for almost a month now and I have yet to witness a complete week without a 20% chance of rain. And even when the sun does come out, it’s still chilly so, hey Mother Nature WHAT GIVES?! Anyhow, it didn’t matter, because it was a fun day regardless of cloud cover and partial sunlight. I bought the volleyball that morning at BIG 5 because our storage room is so packed that Tin and I didn’t think we’d find either of our 2 volleyballs in there even if we spent all morning searching. I’m just going to keep the volleyball in my car so anytime anyone wants to play – LET ME KNOW! Aside from cheerleading (which is also a sport), volleyball’s the only sport I’ve ever gotten any “training” in. So, as soon as I dropped the 3 dozen cheeserolls on the picnic table, I saw the badminton net (which is about 2 feet from volleyball regulations) and we got into it right away. Team Bev-James-Gwennie-Seong-Anna won 2-0 against Team Ja-Pat-Matt-Kristen-Mel while Cile, Tin & Randy watched from the side eating their Pink Panther, Dora and Spongebob creamsicles. I haven’t played volleyball since Riann’s birthday at Corona del Mar where Joemama’s elbow landed on Leia’s arm during the game and she got a fist-sized bruise! No injuries this time though, thank goodness.

After volleyball, we had a water balloon toss where Grandma Kay and Seong claimed first place. Then it was water-fight galore! People attempted to play badminton but it’s hard! Especially with the wind breezing in and out, causing the…what is that thing called that you hit with the rackets, the bird? Hahaha, I have no idea. After witnessing a wet-tshirt contest, which I believe James and Melissa won, it was basketball time…well, sort of. More on that later.

We finished at almost 4:00 pm. After mass we went to LAX to see Jhoette off for the 4th, and hopefully final time. Lots to talk about, but I get a little sad so I’ll save it for later.

Anyhow, thanks for the fun park day, guys! I think I’m getting sick but that’s okay! Summer’s almost here and hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon. Who's game to be active outdoorspeople this year? Anyone? No?

Hope you had fun, Bev!
benchwarmer [ 'bench-"wor-m&r]
a reserve player on an athletic team
Synonyms include: back seat, low man on totem pole, reserve, second string, second team, understudy

Okay, so after the water balloon fight, Pat, James and Ja went to the basketball courts to see if there was a free hoop. Leia, Fantone, Gwen, Randy, Grams and I decided to tag along. My sister changed into her bball shorts and was ready to play, but when we saw that the courts were occupied, she was like, “oh cool, I’m sore anyhow” (she’s been doing her weight training at school for basketball). Too bad when she was walking to the bathroom, her Kuya Pat was like, “hey Tin, where you going? Let’s go.” Hahaha sucker!
She saw who she had to play against and then turned to us, “aaaw, I hate playing with strangers.” Hahaha! Sorry little sister. We were laughing the whole time because, aside from solid effort guarding her man, she was tightening her ponytail, yelling, "Sub!" hahaha! So we watched from the sides and, in between random outbursts from me and Leia (this is how we watch basketball, ok?), and Kay laughing at her boyfriend and yelling at the guy who’s guarding Tin, “Hey! Don’t touch her!” we got kind of bored and well….
I was like, hey let’s take team pictures, like when you’re in sports in high school. And everyone was so down! The funny thing was, we didn’t even stop to think about how we were each going to pose. We just did it. And then, we realized later that the ball we were posing with wasn’t even ours. Hahaha! Just look at us, silly people.Pat, James, Ja and Tin are all hardcore on the court, running, setting screens, guarding, rebounding, shooting and we're taking pictures of each other. Hahaha!
Oh man, I have to laugh. Freakin' dorks man. But look how cute we look! Hahaha! Gwennie and Leia even took a "buddy picture."
And we even took a team picture! Hahaha, man we're dorks! Look at this and tell me it wouldn't look like a real team picture if we were all wearing the same uniform?


Thursday, April 20, 2006

karaoke ["kar-E-'O-kE]
a music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen
Synonyms include: singing your heart out like no one's business

Why is karaoke so fun?! Is it because it brings the most dormant of hidden desires for fame to explode in perfect harmony (well, sort of)? Is it the chance to sing into a microphone, with music to back you up and an audience to applaud you? How great is this concept! I realize that throwing a free concert (for yourself) in the shower or the car is a liberating experience because, well, we all know how full-out we perform when no one’s looking or listening. But singing in front of everyone in a karaoke place or even on the magic mic at a party is even more fun because (for me anyhow), the nervousness of having an audience adds to the fun of belting out notes you know you can’t possibly hit.
On Wednesday, after a quick stop at this tiny bar on Sunset Blvd called Tiki Ti, a few of us spent the evening at a karaoke place on Vermont. Riann, who seems to find a song to sing no matter what the moment, was SUPER EXCITED to gp and it showed. The first song on the cue list? Freakin’ “Maria, Maria” by Carlos Santan – freakin’ Joe. He was all up on the Spanish parts too. Hahaha! Then Riann broke out with “Glory of Love” because she’s been waiting to sing that in karaoke for months now…literally. After Joe’s energetic version of Metallica’s “Battery,” a holiday performance of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” by Riann with Carlo on tambourine and of course a group effort on “Sweet Caroline,” Cile and I decided to call it a night, but not before Riann requested that we all sing one more song together, with feeling…Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry.” The way we sang it, you’d think there was a support group for the broken-hearted in that room.

Sooo, WHO WANTS TO GO AGAIN?!!! Except you, Riann. I already know you wanna go again. Hahaha!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

sous-chef [sū'shĕf']
the chef who is second in authority in a restaurant or kitchen, ranking below the head chef
Synonyms: kitchen slave (haha! Just kidding, Chef Seong!)

My competency in the kitchen is…well, let’s just say I’m better at washing pots, pans, bowls and measuring cups and spoons than I am at using them. Sadly, I didn’t inherit the culinary skills of those who came before me in life, which is a terrible shame because I’m related to some excellent cooks! My mom, for example, can literally eat something once and figure out what the ingredients are so she can prepare it herself at home. It’s kind of like knowing how to play an instrument by ear; you know, “ouido” (widow for you, Ja. Haha!).

I can only cook a handful of dishes confidently. But seriously, who can survive on French toast, crab meat cheesepuffs, crème de fruta, caramel pecan cheesecake, broiled salmon and all things fried? I might as well look into the barrel of a diabetes-induced coronary! The kitchen is not where I do my best work, but standing in as an apprentice to the exceptionally skilled will do for now I guess. I help my mom when she lets me, and one time I helped Iya make banana bread. Andrew let me stir the soup once when we were still in Irvine. Hahaha!

Last week I helped Seong make an apple-peach cobbler for Bev (it kind of looked like this picture) . I sous-chefed that cobbler man! I cut apples (without hurting myself, thanks very much), let them macerate in the fridge (which is basically marinating fruit in its own juices to soften them), mixed flour, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl with my bare hands, buttered the casserole bowl things and crumbled the crust over the fruit before baking. Seeing how everyone enjoyed it was a really nice feeling. I helped make that! Hahaha!

Hopefully all this sous-chefing will teach me skills of the permanent kind. Cooking is such an interdisciplinary practice. It requires the left brain, which manages the exactness required of ingredient measurements and temperature. It also calls for some right brain creativity, as food is more than just good taste these days. What’s pleasing to the mouth is often attributed to what’s pleasing to the eye. Next on the syllabus: strawberry shortcake.

Geez I’m just all about learning these days, aren’t I? Photography, cooking…what’s next?! Hmmm, if I’m crazy enough maybe I’ll tackle a musical instrument. Who wants to teach me how to play the piano?!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

homecoming ['hOm-"k&-mi-ng]
a coming to or returning home
Synonyms include: arrival, coming, entrance, entry, re-establishment, reappearance

“What binds a fabric together when the raging, shifting winds of change keep ripping away?!” Alluding to RENT again, Anna? This line is genius, Jonathan Larson! What does bind something together when it’s getting pulled from all different directions by different sources? It’s hard to say.
Sometimes it takes deliberate action on one side to achieve some kind of peace, something to keep those seams from coming apart so quickly. Other times we wait for that someone, anyone, to take that action and we sit and hope that the seams will hold on just long enough so we won’t have to do any mending ourselves.
It’s hard work to keep relationships from busting at the same place where pieces were sewn so strongly together that they appeared seamless before. Nothing like time and growth to provide wear and tear.
Sometimes a simple thing like familiarity can help us achieve a return to seamlessness. A familiar face, for example, can provide a return to a past lifetime when things weren’t so confusing and uncertain. Jhoette’s home for 2 weeks (1 week left actually) and in light of so many things that are going on around me, he’s just an absolute breath of fresh air. I love that guy!



Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thursday, April 13, 2006

(In Spanish) all, everything
Synonyms: none

Freakin' hilarious! We went to Tita Zeny's 60th birthday (Andrew and Larnie's mommy) after Ryan's dinner and the theme was, of course, Dancing with the Stars. D.I.'s all over the place! The DJ was a dance instructor too for sobbing out loud! It was such a fun evening!

The backyard was home to a white tent, complete with strings of little white lights cascading and meeting above the center of the dancefloor. Us "kids" mostly just hung out and talked and ate...UNTIL OF COURSE The Todo Todo came on! We did it twice, trying to learn as we pranced around the dancefloor desperately clinging on the slightest amount of hand-feet coordination. At one point, when they had mastered the footwork, Ate Tin-Tin and Joe added in their hand movements but then got all mixed up. Hahaha! It was such a sight to see these twenty-somethings trying to work the dance floor. I stepped on Annie's feet a few times, Joe's legs were getting tangled up with the D.I. who was teaching us and I kept running into the tent wall! SO FUN THOUGH!
age ['Aj]
the time of life at which some particular qualification, power, or capacity arises or rests; one of the stages of life; the length of an existence extending from the beginning to any given time
Synonyms include: adolescence, adulthood, childhood, elderliness, infancy, youth

It’s so funny how we used to call Ryan “Buff Daddy” (actually that was Eric’s doing and we just caught on). We used to (oh wait, we still do – haha!) tease him because this guy had a whole gym in his apartment and he was so good about working out all the time. Anyhow, he turned 29 years old this weekend.
Wow…29! I know that everyone of you who are older than that roll your eyes and you may want to sock me, but every year we seem to get closer to THAT PART of lives. You know what I’m talking about; that part of our lives that we probably never really thought about much as a kid. Adulthood, as a child (at least to me anyway), was about being married, having kids, working in the daytime and watching tv with the family at night. It was about getting to buy whatever I wanted because I’d have a job. Funny how expectations change as you get older and realize how many gray areas of uncertainty life has.
I remember saying “when I grow up, I wanna be a…” and how often that last part changed. I wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a nun, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, an astronomer, an astrophysicist, an aerospace engineer, a chemical engineer, a CPA and now, here I am, trying to be a writer. I guess one of the most wonderful things I've learned about getting older is that, it's okay not to be sure of anything, especially when it comes to the "big things," like career and love.
So anyhow, on Saturday we celebrated Ryan's birthday with dinner at Claim Jumpers in Stevenson Ranch. A party of almost 30 people, made up of Ryan’s family and friends, we ate, caught up, drank and laughed all evening. Sometimes it just feels nice to to be certain of the only moment we'll ever really be sure of occuring: THE NOW.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sunday, April 09, 2006

teamwork [tmwûrk]
cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal
Synonyms include: alliance, assistance, cahoots, coalition, collaboration, combination, combined effort

At 7:14 am on Saturday morning I awoke to loud beeping across the bedroom - a text: “WAKE UP! It’s Bev.” These hardcore bballers have been playing every weekend for the last month I think, and Tin has been good at getting up early to join them. This time it would be Team Bev-Pat-Seong-Tin vs. Team Cheryl-Ja-James-Mel. I brought my banig for Grams to sit on during the game while I walked the perimeter with a nice, expensive pro camera in my hand, if only to check off the second session of my photography tutorial with Professor Ja Tecson.
Next item on my syllabus that day: action shots under natural lighting. How cool! It’s so scary holding that camera though. Ja, Bev and James laugh at me because I put the strap around my neck. HELLO! So I don’t drop it! Sorry I’m not pros like you guys! Maybe in another month or so.
Hopefully Professor Tecson thinks my first action shoot was satisfactory. I literally just held the camera in front of my face, ready-focused, just waiting for someone to take a shot, or set up a screen or do something funny like imitate famous mid-air shots.
I wanted to sit on the sidelines so someone could fall on me. Then I’d feel like a REAL NBA PHOTOGRAPHER! Hahaha! Sadly, there was no Kobe for James to knock over (cuz I know he’d like to) so I settled for a walk around half-court, snapping away as much as I pleased.
During their 3rd and final game, I looked down at Kay sitting there on the banig, looking bored and hungry (as usual).
“What’s the score?” Grams asked.
“4-3,” I answered.
“How many points are they playing to?”
Looking really sad she said, “Aaaaaw man, I’m hungry.”

Her appetite was soon calmed when we got to this waffle place. Shoot I forgot what it’s called, but I had a Banana Fudge Waffle. Sooo good and I was sooo full! Thank goodness Tin was there cuz she ate like 1/3 of mine.Growing girl, that sister of mine! I swear she eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. Thank goodness she’s got playmates in the off-season to keep her from getting rusty.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

inebriate [i-'nE-brE-"At]
to exhilarate or stupefy as if by liquor; to make drunk
Synonyms include:blind drunk, bombed, boozy,fried, high, intoxicated, loaded

Thanks for the pics, Rach. I'm sorry I missed it. Well, at least I got to chat with them, even though Pat thought he talked to me on the phone and not over AIM. Man how drunk were you guys! Hilarious!
This is what it's like to instant message with drunk people, specifically Pat and then James. The last part of this IM conversation, I have no idea what he's talking about:
Dcgal23: pat do you know how to get to the park?
daarts909: exit woodman
daarts909: make a right on moorpark
daarts909: then make a right on hazeltine
daarts909: then you'll see it on the right
daarts909: kwdr [what the hell does this mean?]
Dcgal23: oh ok
Dcgal23: what's it called?
daarts909: WHAT'S WHAT CALLED?
Dcgal23: the park? why're you yelling!
daarts909: I'M SO DRUNK
daarts909: UMMM
Dcgal23: forget it!
daarts909: what's going on here
Dcgal23: hi james

daarts909: ahhhh
daarts909: doo much
daarts909: too
daarts909: much
Dcgal23: doo much, huh
daarts909: hi!
daarts909: i brought my video camera
daarts909: whoo hoo
Dcgal23: oh no
daarts909: you should see the last tape
daarts909: i crossed over ja tecson, he's my hero
daarts909: no saints and sinners ain't got nuthin on us
daarts909: geezz
daarts909: too jcuh [did he mean "much?"]
daarts909: yikes
daarts909: ahhh
daarts909: chill
daarts909: so cile says
daarts909: yikes
daarts909 signed off at 11:38 P.M.
daarts909 signed on at 11:39 P.M.
daarts909 signed off at 11:39 P.M.
[what the heck!]

Thursday, April 06, 2006

catchy ['ka-chE]
attractive or appealing; easily remembered
Synonyms include: addictive, fetching, haunting, memorable, popular

Ever since Shakira and Wyclef performed on American Idol, I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head – HIPS DON’T LIE! It refuses to let up! I kept singing the first line of the refrain last night, “Oh baby, when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad…” that Tin was like, “Dude Ate, do you know any other part of that song?” Hahaha…hush little sister, can’t you see I’m in a groove here whilst I separate the laundry?

Anyhow, I can’t listen to it without moving SOME part of my body; bobbing my head, shakin’ my ass, AAAAAAHHH!

Monday, April 03, 2006

glaucoma [glau-'kO-m&]
a disease of the eye marked by increased pressure within the eyeball that can result in damage to the optic disk and gradual loss of vision
Synonyms?...I doubt it. Hahaha!

Look what my co-worker forwarded me today. I was soooo sleepy this morning and this totally cracked me up and woke me up!


A woman calls her boss one morning and tells him that she is staying home because she is not feeling well.

"What's the matter?" he asks.

"I have a case of anal glaucoma," she says in a weak voice.

"What the hell is anal glaucoma?"

"I can't see my ass coming into work today.

silly ['si-lE]
exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment
Synonyms include: comical, crazy shtick, diverting, entertaining

Cile and my sister crack me up. The things that come out of their mouths sometimes, I swear, so random! The funniest thing about it, though, is that they're serious. Last night I was all into typing out a blog entry and I was just consumed by a lot of stuff in my mind, then Tin walked in: "Dude, Ate, why the heck are the quesadillas at Del Taco soooo freakin' cheesy?! Like when I bite it, the string of cheese is like as long as my arm!" What the heck. Hahaha!

And then I was telling Cile about St. Jude:
Dcgal23: Yeah, St. Jude. He's the patron saint of impossible cases.
Dcgal23: I pray to him all the time
cmariefortun: it's a dude?
Dcgal23: Yes Cile, he's a dude.
cmariefortun: hahaha

Hahaha...I really think Cile and my sister were made out of the same mold, providing comic relief without ever intending to. They're both crazy! Crazy artists! Hahaha!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

precocious [pri-'kO-sh&s]
exceptionally early in development or occurrence; exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age
Synonyms include: intelligent, mature, bright

I don’t get to see my nephew, Kelsoe, very often. But each and every time I do, it seems he’s learned something new. He’s such a smart little boy! He learned how to hold a spoon and feed himself before he turned 2, then was potty trained at 2 years old, and now, exactly 1 month away from his 3rd birthday, he knows his colors, how to work the electronics (dvd player, stereo, etc) and can talk up a storm! I just love him to death!
He was holding his little tube of mini M&M’s today, and each time he handed one to one of us, he’d tell us what color he was giving out. My favorite was when he handed my dad one:

“Here, Lolo,” Kelsoe said.
“What color is this?” said my dad.
Kelsoe looks at it for a few seconds, just thinking and then he decides, “Llllllellow!”
Hahahaha! I love this little boy soooo much!