Sunday, April 23, 2006

picnic ['pik-nik]
an excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open
Synonyms include: barbecue, cookout, excursion, outing, tea party, weiner roast

I woke up this morning and went DOH! Why does every joint in my body ache? After only playing 2 1/3 sets of volleyball (we only played up to 5 points during a third game cuz Seong had work. Hahaha!), how could I be in this much pain? Well, Anna, you’re out of shape and that’s just sad! It’s okay though, because we’re trying to fix that (we being me and Riann, right babygirl? How lucky is 24-hour fitness that we even show up?) I can’t deny how much fun it was though.

The weather was fickle, as usual. It’s been spring for almost a month now and I have yet to witness a complete week without a 20% chance of rain. And even when the sun does come out, it’s still chilly so, hey Mother Nature WHAT GIVES?! Anyhow, it didn’t matter, because it was a fun day regardless of cloud cover and partial sunlight. I bought the volleyball that morning at BIG 5 because our storage room is so packed that Tin and I didn’t think we’d find either of our 2 volleyballs in there even if we spent all morning searching. I’m just going to keep the volleyball in my car so anytime anyone wants to play – LET ME KNOW! Aside from cheerleading (which is also a sport), volleyball’s the only sport I’ve ever gotten any “training” in. So, as soon as I dropped the 3 dozen cheeserolls on the picnic table, I saw the badminton net (which is about 2 feet from volleyball regulations) and we got into it right away. Team Bev-James-Gwennie-Seong-Anna won 2-0 against Team Ja-Pat-Matt-Kristen-Mel while Cile, Tin & Randy watched from the side eating their Pink Panther, Dora and Spongebob creamsicles. I haven’t played volleyball since Riann’s birthday at Corona del Mar where Joemama’s elbow landed on Leia’s arm during the game and she got a fist-sized bruise! No injuries this time though, thank goodness.

After volleyball, we had a water balloon toss where Grandma Kay and Seong claimed first place. Then it was water-fight galore! People attempted to play badminton but it’s hard! Especially with the wind breezing in and out, causing the…what is that thing called that you hit with the rackets, the bird? Hahaha, I have no idea. After witnessing a wet-tshirt contest, which I believe James and Melissa won, it was basketball time…well, sort of. More on that later.

We finished at almost 4:00 pm. After mass we went to LAX to see Jhoette off for the 4th, and hopefully final time. Lots to talk about, but I get a little sad so I’ll save it for later.

Anyhow, thanks for the fun park day, guys! I think I’m getting sick but that’s okay! Summer’s almost here and hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon. Who's game to be active outdoorspeople this year? Anyone? No?

Hope you had fun, Bev!

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