Sunday, April 09, 2006

teamwork [tmwûrk]
cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal
Synonyms include: alliance, assistance, cahoots, coalition, collaboration, combination, combined effort

At 7:14 am on Saturday morning I awoke to loud beeping across the bedroom - a text: “WAKE UP! It’s Bev.” These hardcore bballers have been playing every weekend for the last month I think, and Tin has been good at getting up early to join them. This time it would be Team Bev-Pat-Seong-Tin vs. Team Cheryl-Ja-James-Mel. I brought my banig for Grams to sit on during the game while I walked the perimeter with a nice, expensive pro camera in my hand, if only to check off the second session of my photography tutorial with Professor Ja Tecson.
Next item on my syllabus that day: action shots under natural lighting. How cool! It’s so scary holding that camera though. Ja, Bev and James laugh at me because I put the strap around my neck. HELLO! So I don’t drop it! Sorry I’m not pros like you guys! Maybe in another month or so.
Hopefully Professor Tecson thinks my first action shoot was satisfactory. I literally just held the camera in front of my face, ready-focused, just waiting for someone to take a shot, or set up a screen or do something funny like imitate famous mid-air shots.
I wanted to sit on the sidelines so someone could fall on me. Then I’d feel like a REAL NBA PHOTOGRAPHER! Hahaha! Sadly, there was no Kobe for James to knock over (cuz I know he’d like to) so I settled for a walk around half-court, snapping away as much as I pleased.
During their 3rd and final game, I looked down at Kay sitting there on the banig, looking bored and hungry (as usual).
“What’s the score?” Grams asked.
“4-3,” I answered.
“How many points are they playing to?”
Looking really sad she said, “Aaaaaw man, I’m hungry.”

Her appetite was soon calmed when we got to this waffle place. Shoot I forgot what it’s called, but I had a Banana Fudge Waffle. Sooo good and I was sooo full! Thank goodness Tin was there cuz she ate like 1/3 of mine.Growing girl, that sister of mine! I swear she eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. Thank goodness she’s got playmates in the off-season to keep her from getting rusty.

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