Thursday, April 13, 2006

(In Spanish) all, everything
Synonyms: none

Freakin' hilarious! We went to Tita Zeny's 60th birthday (Andrew and Larnie's mommy) after Ryan's dinner and the theme was, of course, Dancing with the Stars. D.I.'s all over the place! The DJ was a dance instructor too for sobbing out loud! It was such a fun evening!

The backyard was home to a white tent, complete with strings of little white lights cascading and meeting above the center of the dancefloor. Us "kids" mostly just hung out and talked and ate...UNTIL OF COURSE The Todo Todo came on! We did it twice, trying to learn as we pranced around the dancefloor desperately clinging on the slightest amount of hand-feet coordination. At one point, when they had mastered the footwork, Ate Tin-Tin and Joe added in their hand movements but then got all mixed up. Hahaha! It was such a sight to see these twenty-somethings trying to work the dance floor. I stepped on Annie's feet a few times, Joe's legs were getting tangled up with the D.I. who was teaching us and I kept running into the tent wall! SO FUN THOUGH!

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