Sunday, April 23, 2006

benchwarmer [ 'bench-"wor-m&r]
a reserve player on an athletic team
Synonyms include: back seat, low man on totem pole, reserve, second string, second team, understudy

Okay, so after the water balloon fight, Pat, James and Ja went to the basketball courts to see if there was a free hoop. Leia, Fantone, Gwen, Randy, Grams and I decided to tag along. My sister changed into her bball shorts and was ready to play, but when we saw that the courts were occupied, she was like, “oh cool, I’m sore anyhow” (she’s been doing her weight training at school for basketball). Too bad when she was walking to the bathroom, her Kuya Pat was like, “hey Tin, where you going? Let’s go.” Hahaha sucker!
She saw who she had to play against and then turned to us, “aaaw, I hate playing with strangers.” Hahaha! Sorry little sister. We were laughing the whole time because, aside from solid effort guarding her man, she was tightening her ponytail, yelling, "Sub!" hahaha! So we watched from the sides and, in between random outbursts from me and Leia (this is how we watch basketball, ok?), and Kay laughing at her boyfriend and yelling at the guy who’s guarding Tin, “Hey! Don’t touch her!” we got kind of bored and well….
I was like, hey let’s take team pictures, like when you’re in sports in high school. And everyone was so down! The funny thing was, we didn’t even stop to think about how we were each going to pose. We just did it. And then, we realized later that the ball we were posing with wasn’t even ours. Hahaha! Just look at us, silly people.Pat, James, Ja and Tin are all hardcore on the court, running, setting screens, guarding, rebounding, shooting and we're taking pictures of each other. Hahaha!
Oh man, I have to laugh. Freakin' dorks man. But look how cute we look! Hahaha! Gwennie and Leia even took a "buddy picture."
And we even took a team picture! Hahaha, man we're dorks! Look at this and tell me it wouldn't look like a real team picture if we were all wearing the same uniform?


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