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coach [kohch]
a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes
Synonyms include: trainer, teacher, mentor
On my way to San Diego this morning, I listened to Coach K's interview with Jim Rome. A product of an all-boys Catholic High School, as well as one of Westpoint's finest, Coach K's been Duke University's basketball coach for 29 years. I wasn't that familiar with him much until he started coaching the USA Men's basketball team, but eversince then, I've just been fascinated by him. Watching interviews and specials before the Olympics, and then seeing him during those two weeks in Beijing, just made me so curious about his life. Other than being this well-known persona in college sports, or sports in general, he just seems like such a respectable, nice man.
Coach K's radio interview today lasted about an hour and I was lucky enough to catch 45 minutes of it. He's on a book tour right now, promoting a piece he co-wrote with his daughter. It's called The Gold Standard, about his experience coaching the USA men's basketball team. I went to Horton Plaza (this outdoor mall in downtown SD) after I checked into my hotel today, and before my search for a place to have lunch, I decided to stop by the bookstore and buy Coach K's book. 10 pages in and I'm already so into it.
Reading this has made me think of all the coaches I had, and in particular one - Sr. Angelica, my old volleyball coach. In a catholic elementary school, you don't have the luxury of having all the staff in the world you need to run every classroom and program. Fortunately for us, the 2nd grade teacher was a former volleyball coach. I know what some people may think: A nun for a volleyball coach? And I admit, despite having grown up surrounded by nuns, I was curious myself about how this was going to go. But I have to say, even after the numerous PE coaches in grade school (except maybe Coach Wayne), and 3 cheerleading coaches I had in high school, Sr. Angelica was the one coach who taught me the most and who I am so grateful I got to know. I learned more than just game of volleyball under her guidance. I learned a lot about patience, fairness, dealing with UNfairness, developing skills that you aren't born with, and of course sportsmanship. Coaches, for the great amount of time that you have to spend with them, can turn into more than just someone who runs drills and draws up plays. If you're lucky, a coach can be someone whose words resonate long after you break from the last huddle.
arthroscopy [ahr-thros-kuh-pee]
the use of an arthroscope to diagnose an injury to or disease of a joint or to perform minor surgery on a joint

Yes, it's been TOTALLY forever since I last blogged, but it's because 1) I was busy with lots of wedding and family stuff and 2) Our freakin' wireless at home has been extremely moody and the only comp that has consistent internet access is the one in my parents' room. I've taken this as a hint that I should be spending my time otherwise; cleaning, organizing, leaving the house, etc. rather than reading hourly blog updates on every site remotely related to basketball, photography and the worst - shopping.

However, I'm here in San Diego right now for yet another exciting conference and I've got free WiFi in my hotel room so why not catch up on my blogging, right? RIGHT!

So yes, this week I'm in San Diego filling in at a conference for one of my co-workers who had a death in the family. =( I wasn't scheduled to attend another convention until November, but I was asked to take someone's place so I figured, why not.

Arthroscopy Association of North America
(AANA) - that's the society holding the conference that I'm attending this week. I know, I know...what do I know about arthroscopy? Well, not much at all except that SAGE publishes a few journals that would be of interest to this crowd.

I left Glendale at around 8:30 and I got to the San Diego Convention Center at around 11:30 am. It took me about 2 hours to set up the booth because I felt the need to rearrange the tables and display all the journals in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way (I used to work in a bookstore, I can't help it). But look how pretty!
That SAGE banner hanging on the table is actually supposed to hang high up in the back. It's too bad I'm not 6 feet tall. I tried though...really and honestly tried, with the futile help of a chair, to hang that thing over the curtain, but no. It wasn't happening. I was determined to use it though and hey, it came down to this and Jovi, our SAGE conventions expert approved! HOORAY!
Dinner time! Yardhouse - woo hoo!

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This is so freakin' late but Congratulations to Ate Cyn and Gary on their little baby. Yay, Jamen!!! WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!!

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T.A. 3 FOR MVP!!!

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match [mach]
a person or thing that equals or resembles another in some respect; a corresponding, suitably associated, or harmonious pair
Synonyms include: alliance, pair, partnership
Ate has really and truly been like a sister to me, like another daughter to my parents, and is my sister's ninang/godmother. Watching her get married...well, what could I say other than I'm so happy for her and Jeff; and what more could I do other than cry tears of joy. Ate was one of the happiest brides I've ever been around. She just kept saying, "I'm getting married today!" Hahaha! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was one huge jubilant celebration and in the end there was just one thing left...a new married couple.

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Bev sent me this link yesterday about the Pope asking us to stop texting during Lent. I SO would've failed the first day. During a Laker game ALONE I'm texting up the yinyang!

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occupied [ok-yuh-pahyd]
to take or fill up; to engage or employ the mind, energy, or attention of
Synonyms include: busy, engaged, engrossed, tied up

Bev's so funny. She emailed me at work last week and asked if I was okay because I hadn't blogged in awhile. haha! Thanks for caring, Bev! I know, seriously, I just haven't had the time nor energy to sit down and write. There's always something to do, right? Do you ever feel like your time is on wicked crack? Like the minute to you finish something off your to-do list, the list grows another threefold? Hmmm...what's THAT about?! 

I haven't taken one nap, written one paragraph in a journal, blog or notebook, haven't spent even 15 minutes organizing my Italy/Switzerland photos (yes, the one from 2006), maintain a decluttered room, read more than 5 pages of a book, etc. It's funny how priorities spin like a revolving door of responsibilities. It's been crazy, but I can't say that I've been trudging through. These priorities, these as all hell =)

Have some more stuff to do so...I'll blog again in a few...

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I'll Miss You, ER!!!
Thanks for the memories!