Thursday, February 19, 2009

To see why Ate and Larnie were dancing around...
And to see why Gwennie is cracking up...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

single [sing-guhl]
pertaining to the unmarried state; only one in number; one only; unique; sole; sincere and undivided
Synonyms include: individual, indivisible, unique
We used to refer to Valentine's Day as S.A.D. - Singles Awareness Day. Over the years, I've really grown to sort of despise that acronym. First of all, it spells "sad" which we are not, and second of all, I'm pretty sure single people are aware that they're single so there's no need to make a day recognizing it. Hence, therefore, thus, I've renamed Valentine's Day "Singles Spend Money on Themselves Day," because, well, we can and do. =)
This year I got to spend the day after my birthday with some of my favorite people. We had dinner at the Farmer's Market at the Grove, watched He's Just Not That Into You, hung out at the Cile & Leia residence to drink wine and play SingStar on the PS3 (joined by Cile & Lester too!), and we ended our fun evening with a super late dinner/super early breakfast at the Waffle. Thanks for hanging out, you crazy kids!

10 Chick Flick cliches you will NOT see in He's Just Not That Into You

Watch it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

privileged [priv-uh-lijd]
belonging to a class that enjoys special privileges; favored
Synonyms include: empowered, entitled, granted

My birthday plans each year always offer some sort of dilemma. What to do, when to do it, who to ask, etc. This year, all I wanted to do on my birthday was not drive...especially in the rain. Rainy days on February 13th have been as predictable as losses on Clipper game days. You know it's coming; you just don't know how bad it's gonna to be. This year was no different and like a storm on a wedding day, I just looked at it as a downpour of blessings because, honestly, that is what it was.

Ate Tin picked me up bright and early, we attended 8:00 am mass, had breakfast at Porto's, went to Target (where she bought me a new hair toy that flatirons AND curls hair! Can I get a HELL YEAH! Thanks, Ate & Jeff!), and then hung out at my house before lunchtime. When eating time came around, I was lucky enough to have not just Ate join me for lunch at Cheesecake Factory, but Iya, Riann, Joe and Matt too (Thanks for lunch, guys!). We even saw a fellow Glendale resident, the Game (random!) there. After lunch, the girls and I watched Confessions of a Shop-a-holic. Cute movie, though I would've loved it if it was a bit more faithful to Sophie Kinsella's popular series but like all book-to-movie adaptations, you can't expect the world. After some coffee talk with Riann and Iya at Coffee Bean, Riann and I attended mass again and then, for dinner, mom and dad bought Thai BBQ and I had a nice meal with my family. One of the best presents I could get this year was my grandfather's homecoming(He's doing great, by the way!). On Sunday night I was treated to a great sushi dinner with a bunch of great friends who drove from far and near. All weekend, I got texts, emails and phonecall greetings. What a wonderful way to say hello to my 31st year!

I am not a princess or heiress who is waiting my turn to rule a country or run a multi-million dollar company. I am not the daughter of a politician or a child of a famous designer who lives and breathes material wealth that I haven't done anything to earn. I don't live in a mansion inhabited by servants who who work daily to prepare my meals and clean up after me. Through many eyes, I am just your average, 31 year old, middle class citizen who will probably die never having earned even a quarter of what Paris Hilton is worth. But if I had the chance to choose another kind of life over the one I've been so blessed to live already, I would be foolish to offer even a second thought because frankly...this is the life.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You got robbed, Rudy!!!
They didn't even give you a chance!

And I just love Devin Harris. He's so cute! I wanna just hug him! hahaha!

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calling [kaw-ling]
vocation, profession, or trade; a strong impulse or inclination
Synonyms include: vocation, pursuit, mission

Dammit, I still can't believe Eli Stone got cancelled! I just watched the very last episode that aired and it was such a good cliffhanger that I am THIS close to writing ABC and telling them what a crock I think their taste is. You're going to cancel Eli Stone for...for...TRUE BEAUTY? GET THE EFF OUTTA HERE! What a great show Eli Stone is...or was. In the 1 1/2 seasons that aired, I've been engaged in the characters, their issues, the subtle but not so subtle parable-like stories.

I love when I can pick out a line or two from an episode to take with me when it's done; a line or two that sometimes sums up the entire episode (and sometimes sums up what's going on in my life). In one episode, Eli says to a young woman who is a science genius, but who didn't want to share her research with anyone:

"You have a gift. A gift is something that is given to you - you don't own it, the world does. The world is asking you to use it. You don't get to say no, no matter how much you might want to."

If you've never seen an episode of Eli Stone, I'll break it down for you. He's a lawyer who discovers relatively early in his life that he has a brain aneurysm that causes him to see visions both non-sensical and real, but all revealing. Eli has kind of a twisted gift of prophecy, and although he resisted it, sometimes hating it and wishing he didn't have it, he knew he was blessed with it for a reason. He was given this gift so that he could help other people. Like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, "With great power, comes great responsibility." And Eli, like Peter, had much power and much more responsibility.

We each have a role in this world - a purpose for being here. And we were each given some sort of gift to serve that purpose. Sometimes our gifts are as obvious as the tasks we're given to use them on. But other times, it's not so clear what we're being asked to do with our abilities and, well, I'm afraid I'll lose it sometimes when I'm not using it. There are times when I pray, "Lord, seriously, you couldn't call me to be something more a doctor or a teacher or a ...chemical engineer maybe?" And I always get the same answer back...

I gave you your gifts. You'll figure out what to do with it. I can't do EVERYTHING for you.

I end up replying, Thanks...I guess. haha!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

tenacious [tuh-ney-shuhs]
holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold; pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate; adhesive or sticky; viscous or glutinous; holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder
Synonyms include: strong, unyielding, tough

You don't get beaten and humiliated in front of millions of people and forget about it. As a fan, it was an AWFUL AWFUL thing to watch (or reserve NOT to watch). It breaks your heart. But on Christmas Day and again tonight, the Lakers too didn't forget...and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!

Yes, Kobe shot three 3-pointers in a row...

Yes, D-Fish was as dependable as ever and yes the role players did what they had to do...

But the two guys who pulled this win for us were the same two guys who everyone blamed for our loss in the finals last year...L.O., who got into foul trouble in the 1st half but pulled it together in the final 24 minutes.
And our most consistent player on the roster, el primer jugador - Pau!
Broke the Celtics' 19-game win streak in December and then broke their 12-game streak tonight. I hear the Cavs have an unbeaten home record. Off to Cleveland for a Sunday special!
One more thing...Paul Pierce, I'm not even gonna front. I think you're a talented player, but seriously, quit with the bad acting and the Vlade Divac caliber flopping. It's gotten beyond ridiculous and you just look like a damn fool.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

cope [kohp]
to struggle or deal, esp. on fairly even terms or with some degree of success ; to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, esp. successfully or in a calm or adequate manner
Synonyms include: manage, confront, deal

I deal with many little nuisances each day that get me worked up - traffic, a bad hair day, a bottomless inbox, a Laker loss, etc. so one of my New Year's resolutions is to learn how to deal with those more calmly and effectively. There are two things in this life, however, that I feel inept at dealing with: #1 is guys and #2 is illness. I often find myself puzzled, worried, angry, scared and hopeless when it comes to these two things. #1 is something I'll probably be trying to figure out for the rest of this life and #2? Well, let's just say I'm glad I have friends and family who know a lot of important things (like the Graston Technique - thanks Larnie). And let's just say that I deal with everything the best way I know how.

When illness affects someone else, however, especially if it's someone I care about, that's when I feel completely helpless. My grandfather is having triple bypass surgery on Wednesday morning and I can't figure out what to do with myself. I don't know whether to be scared and worried that it may not go well, or have confidence in the commonality of such a surgery. What bothers me most is that I can't do much more to assure that Tatay will be there just fine and dandy, backing up his car in the garage when I get home from work on Thursday. The control freak in me is especially heavy-hearted today because she has nothing with which to manuever her desired outcome.

But it is in times like these when the control freak must, well, relinquish control to faith and prayer, which is what gets me through every time. So I ask you all to please continue praying for my grandfather (seen here in his hospital gown, with every monitor ever created attached to his chest and arms as he paid bills and balanced his checkbook! Geez, Tatay!).
Images like these do comfort me, as my 83 year old grandfather wouldn't dare allow open heart surgery to hinder his life. Still, I pray that tomorrow he'll be even fiestier and more hilarious than ever...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

bypass [bahy-pas]
a surgical procedure in which a diseased or obstructed hollow organ is temporarily or permanently circumvented
I'm in the SICU at Glendale Adventist Hospital right now (there's a computer in here!). My grandfather had some chest pains last Friday and was rushed to the hospital after my uncle's 911 call. I saw him that night and we were told that some fluid had collected in his lungs and that's what caused the chest pains. The next morning, after Tatay had seen his cardiologist, we found out he had had a heart attack. That would be heart attack #3 for my 83 year old grandfather. He is as strong as anyone could be and I can't talk enough of how much I marvel at his health and strength at this age. But a heart attack is a heart attack and, well, it's never good. He had an angioplasty done on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the blockage in a couple of his arteries have gotten so severe that the procedure wasn't as successful as his doctor had hoped.

His cardiologist has recommended double bypass surgery. At first you think, well, so do the surgery, what's there to think about? As strong as Tatay is, as young as he appears, his body isn't and surgery of any kind will always pose certain risks. He's due to have surgery this Tuesday or Wednesday so I please ask you to keep my grandfather and my family in your prayers. He's quite the trooper so my faith in his getting through this is great...but I can't help but fear the worst, which is why I ask for all your prayers too.

Thanks for all the textes and calls of well wishes. I've passed them all on to Tatay and my family and we all appreciate it!