Sunday, February 01, 2009

bypass [bahy-pas]
a surgical procedure in which a diseased or obstructed hollow organ is temporarily or permanently circumvented
I'm in the SICU at Glendale Adventist Hospital right now (there's a computer in here!). My grandfather had some chest pains last Friday and was rushed to the hospital after my uncle's 911 call. I saw him that night and we were told that some fluid had collected in his lungs and that's what caused the chest pains. The next morning, after Tatay had seen his cardiologist, we found out he had had a heart attack. That would be heart attack #3 for my 83 year old grandfather. He is as strong as anyone could be and I can't talk enough of how much I marvel at his health and strength at this age. But a heart attack is a heart attack and, well, it's never good. He had an angioplasty done on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the blockage in a couple of his arteries have gotten so severe that the procedure wasn't as successful as his doctor had hoped.

His cardiologist has recommended double bypass surgery. At first you think, well, so do the surgery, what's there to think about? As strong as Tatay is, as young as he appears, his body isn't and surgery of any kind will always pose certain risks. He's due to have surgery this Tuesday or Wednesday so I please ask you to keep my grandfather and my family in your prayers. He's quite the trooper so my faith in his getting through this is great...but I can't help but fear the worst, which is why I ask for all your prayers too.

Thanks for all the textes and calls of well wishes. I've passed them all on to Tatay and my family and we all appreciate it!

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