Tuesday, February 17, 2009

single [sing-guhl]
pertaining to the unmarried state; only one in number; one only; unique; sole; sincere and undivided
Synonyms include: individual, indivisible, unique
We used to refer to Valentine's Day as S.A.D. - Singles Awareness Day. Over the years, I've really grown to sort of despise that acronym. First of all, it spells "sad" which we are not, and second of all, I'm pretty sure single people are aware that they're single so there's no need to make a day recognizing it. Hence, therefore, thus, I've renamed Valentine's Day "Singles Spend Money on Themselves Day," because, well, we can and do. =)
This year I got to spend the day after my birthday with some of my favorite people. We had dinner at the Farmer's Market at the Grove, watched He's Just Not That Into You, hung out at the Cile & Leia residence to drink wine and play SingStar on the PS3 (joined by Cile & Lester too!), and we ended our fun evening with a super late dinner/super early breakfast at the Waffle. Thanks for hanging out, you crazy kids!


Toni said...

I missed your birthday, penpal!


cecile marie said...

after lester and i had dinner, i could hear you guys singing inside as we were walking up the street. we were happy to come home and play with you all. you were very pink in the cheeks from the wine. =)

ANNA said...

Thanks, Toni!!!

I was pink again?! I haven't gotten over that yet? dammit!

They Call Me Lusty said...

It was fun hanging out even though I just did dinner at the farmer's market with y'all.

Ceejay said...

VALENTINE's day for me was hanging out with jerrick and jon and complaining how lame it is. We spent midnight eating a bowl of captain crunch..lol...k bye..I'm gonna sweet you when I get home!..p.s. I'm sorry I didn't hug you this morning. lol