Saturday, April 08, 2006

inebriate [i-'nE-brE-"At]
to exhilarate or stupefy as if by liquor; to make drunk
Synonyms include:blind drunk, bombed, boozy,fried, high, intoxicated, loaded

Thanks for the pics, Rach. I'm sorry I missed it. Well, at least I got to chat with them, even though Pat thought he talked to me on the phone and not over AIM. Man how drunk were you guys! Hilarious!
This is what it's like to instant message with drunk people, specifically Pat and then James. The last part of this IM conversation, I have no idea what he's talking about:
Dcgal23: pat do you know how to get to the park?
daarts909: exit woodman
daarts909: make a right on moorpark
daarts909: then make a right on hazeltine
daarts909: then you'll see it on the right
daarts909: kwdr [what the hell does this mean?]
Dcgal23: oh ok
Dcgal23: what's it called?
daarts909: WHAT'S WHAT CALLED?
Dcgal23: the park? why're you yelling!
daarts909: I'M SO DRUNK
daarts909: UMMM
Dcgal23: forget it!
daarts909: what's going on here
Dcgal23: hi james

daarts909: ahhhh
daarts909: doo much
daarts909: too
daarts909: much
Dcgal23: doo much, huh
daarts909: hi!
daarts909: i brought my video camera
daarts909: whoo hoo
Dcgal23: oh no
daarts909: you should see the last tape
daarts909: i crossed over ja tecson, he's my hero
daarts909: no saints and sinners ain't got nuthin on us
daarts909: geezz
daarts909: too jcuh [did he mean "much?"]
daarts909: yikes
daarts909: ahhh
daarts909: chill
daarts909: so cile says
daarts909: yikes
daarts909 signed off at 11:38 P.M.
daarts909 signed on at 11:39 P.M.
daarts909 signed off at 11:39 P.M.
[what the heck!]

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