Tuesday, April 25, 2006

farewell [fâr-wl]
an acknowledgment at parting; a goodbye
Synonyms: adieu, cheerio, goodbye, parting, sendoff, so long
Last Thursday we spent an evening at Manna, eating, drinking and most importantly, enjoying Jhoette's company before he had to head back to the Philippines. I'm so excited for him. To become the doctor I always knew he would be, will be one of the most important things I'll ever witness in a friend's life. His vacation, though short, was well-deserved and well-worth our late weeknights.
He seems much different from his last visit. There's a calmness about him, a contemplative seriousness that I wasn't used to, but came to appreciate as of lately. His usual mischievousness was still present, as I hope it will always be. But he seems to have done a lot of growing. I suppose delivering babies and helping cure the masses who inhabit such a humble country will do that to you.So, until we meet each other again, I pray for my good friend. I pray that his strength is rejuvinated daily, that he's never short on perserverance and most of all, that he's always safe from harm.

Dr. Dumlao, here's to you!

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