Monday, May 22, 2006

celebration ['se-l&-"brAt]
to observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing
Synonyms include: bash, birthday, ceremony, festivity, frolic, gaiety, hoopla, joviality, jubilation, merriment

I swear we find every reason to party! Going-away dinners (not even going-away for like ever, but going away for a 2 week vacation hahaha!), end of finals, new jobs - it's not about just birthdays anymore. This past weekend though, we did have a special day to celebrate.
We spent Saturday night with Randy I-hate-planning-things Mendoza because, hey guess what, he joined the 28-years old club. Eeeks, I know. So to reflect his growing maturity, we had dinner at commercially classic P.F. Chang's and then proceeded for a walk through 3rd Street Promenade and on to the Santa Monica Pier where funnel cake was consumed and games were played. It doesn't get anymore grown-up than this, my friends. Hahaha! It was quite the fun evening. No stressing over time constraints, parking or dress codes; just friends celebrating the life of another.

release or vent; release from a leash; turn loose or free from restraint
Synonyms include: cut loose, discharge, emancipate, let go, let loose, let out, release, relieve, set free, turn loose

So after an evening at the Pier, some people got tired and couldn't bear to do much more activity, but the night was still young...or so few of us (namely Riann, Joe, Rach, Fantone, TJ and I) decided. With Riann and Joe at the helm (i.e. steering wheel), we headed to what we thought would be a bar to hang out and drink. Malia is indeed a bar, but walk further back and you've got a club, complete with a DJ on the turntables (who could've been better) and strangers awkwardly walking around trying to figure out what to do with themselves (get up on this girl or drink? get up on this guy or stay with my girls?).
As usual, we partied like we owned the place; not that it mattered. The DJ was damn lucky we were there to bump to his music because for the most part - WE WERE THE ONLY ONES! Riann and TJ, in particular, were more than happy to let loose. Poor nurses are working themselves so hard at the hospital during the week that they've got all this pent-up excitement just waiting to be let loose. Well, mission accomplished. It was hilarious because all these songs would come on and here's the 6 of us in the corner going nuts...JUST THE 6 OF US. The bartender must've been so amused that life was suddenly injected into this room that she walked up to us on the dancefloor and asked if we wanted anything from the bar. hahaha!
And by the way, I've never been so inappropriately dressed to go clubbing. Fantone, Riann and Joe were all wearing sneakers and I was wearing my canvas flats with the brown flowers from Target. (TJ and Rach apparently got the subliminal memo to dress accordingly.) Hahaha! Anyhow, the bouncer didn't care so neither did we.
Great partying, you party people! That was all for you Randy! Hahaha! I love random nights like that! We should have those more often.

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fantone said...

take your shirt off!!!! hahaha