Friday, May 05, 2006

agony ['a-g&-nE]
the suffering of intense physical or mental pain; the struggle that precedes death; sudden or intense emotion; a violent, intense struggle
Synonyms include: affliction, anguish, distress, dolor, misery, pangs, passion, throes, torment, torture, woe

Every shot that they missed, every 3-pointer and free throw that the Suns made (which seemed to occur with every other possession), the 6.7 seconds that could've ended it all - LIKE DAGGERS WHICH STABBED AND TWISTED IN THE HOPEFUL AND LOYAL HEARTS OF US ALL! I think I would've rather they had lost by 20. It wouldn't have been as devastating as it turned out to be, to be sooo close soooooooooooo many times! Don't even get me started on the officiating! JUST DON'T!

So Saturday...Game 7...Phoenix...

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