Friday, June 02, 2006

traffic ['tra-fik]
the passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation
Synonyms: cartage, flux, gridlock, influx, jam, movement, transit

Quick blog...The whole week's commute was almost unbearable. But it was never because of an accident. There were just sooo many cars on the road at one time. So today I left the office at 4:06 pm, hoping and praying that today, heaven would smile on me and say, "Anna, you've had a long week. How about some smooth sailing?" Alas, it was not meant to be so. Typically, I don't hit traffic on the 101 South until I get past the mountains to maybe Calabasas. But today, it was backed up from beyond MY exit. 10 miles away I realized exactly why. Check it out:
Sorry I can't make the picture bigger. It's only from my camera phone (yes, Anna does take pictures even when she's driving). This freakin' camry drove OVER the center divider. There were no other cars around. How the heck!

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