Sunday, June 11, 2006

hellfire ['hel-"fIr]
the fire of hell, considered as punishment for sinners; a place of eternal fire envisaged as punishment for the damned
Synonyms include: everlasting fire, everlasting torment, lake of fire and brimstone

Hahaha, I entered this word on not expecting one result but ‘lo and behold! A “hellfire,” at the earthly bar we frequent, however, is a shot of some stuff I can’t remember (I know there’s 151 in there – yuck!) that is set aflame and then immersed in a tall glass of something called “monster.” After the shot glass is dropped in you CHUG IT! And then a few minutes later, YOU FEEL IT!
I had one hellfire the first time I went to Saints & Sinners and I was good for the entire evening. Ate Tin-Tin had a hellfire and more. Look at her!
She turned bright red, her natural eyeshadow appeared above her lids, and a bunch of hives and rashes came upon her arms and hands.
Her eyes got all glassy (this happens to me too. What the hell kind of symptoms are these!). She was getting all crazy, dancing and talking out of her booty. It's that pent up pre-school teacher persona breakin' out apparently. Miss Christine was no model of propriety that night.
And then there's Gweeenie, who pushed her foot straight through a styrofoam cooler! Hahahaha! I think we laughed for like 10 minutes! She's usually so quiet, smiling all the while, just listening to people. On Friday night though, Gweeenie was laughing all night and poking her foot through things! Oh man, I'm cracking up just thinking about it!
And then to alleviate Ate's itchiness, Rach got her some cold wet paper towels. When they appeared to have dried out, James took it upon himself to give her fresh ones. Unfortunately, he didn't wring the paper towels and Ate had them on her arms, dripping with water. It got all over her shirt and she looked like she was lactating! She just kept saying, "James! You made my boobs wet!" hahaha...

And that was Larnie's homecoming...Larnie, do you miss us or what?

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