Wednesday, June 07, 2006

moded ['mOd-ed]
used to describe one who has just made a fool of herself or gotten an unexpected, negative result
Synonyms include: embarrased, ashamed, crestfallen

So I've been wanting to see RENT on stage again after I saw the movie. FINALLY, the tour cast is here in L.A. for only 5 days and I was determined to see it for a second time! I even signed up for that GoldStar thing to get the cheaper tickets. However, I was unable to ask who wanted to go (the limit is 6 tickets) and when, so I decided today to just buy however many tickets I could on ticketmaster because I'm sure SOMEONE will want them. So, there I am on and, lucky me, there are 8 tickets available for a Thursday night in July so I enter all my info until I get to the credit card section. I figured I'd use my credit card in lieu of my checkcard because, well, there isn't enough funds in the checkcard. I just paid a crapload of bills this week, including my gas bill. Need I say more? Anyhow, when I reached for my wallet I remembered that I put away my credit cards so I wouldn't be tempted to use them. By the time I get to my credit card's place of exile (it's in a drawer, tucked between the pages of a blank journal), I got back to the comp to see that my alotted time, 2 freakin' minutes, had lapsed. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!! See Anna, this is exactly why you have to hide your credit cards from yourself! Because of impulsive moments llike this!

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