Thursday, June 15, 2006

study ['st&-dE]
the pursuit of knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research
Synonyms include: contemplate, cram, examine, excogitate, meditate, ponder, read up, refresh, think

Poor Tin didn't get much sleep this week cuz she had finals (during my last quarter at UCI, there was time where I didn't sleep for 28 hours straight; not because I was studying, but because I was so panicked about my United Nations final!). She didn't want to study on our desk in the room or my parents' desk cuz the computers are there. And so she doesn't fall asleep, she studied on the floor on my yoga mat...where I found her keeled over on Saturday night at 2:00 am with her biology book under her arms. Then last night, she didn't feel comfortable on the kitchen table...SO SHE STUDIED ON THE PIANO! Oh little sister... She's done with school now and next comes summer league for basketball. Hope you guys can come watch her play some time. Then in August, Tin'll be a junior! AAAAAAAAACK!

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