Wednesday, June 07, 2006

frame ['frAm]
to build by putting together the structural parts of; construct; to conceive or design; to arrange or adjust for a purpose; to enclose in or as if in a frame
Synonyms include: anatomy, architecture, body, build, casing, construction, cut, enclosure, form, disposition, feelings, humor, mindset, mood, shape, spirits, standing, state, temporary psychological state, tone
Bad eyesight runs on both sides of my family. Hoping for a life with 20/20 vision is like wishing for the power to walk through walls – it’s just not going to happen. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, a third grader for sobbing out loud! Actually, when I first found out I had to get glasses, I was kind of excited. I wanted to be different and, seeing as to how the majority of my classmates didn’t require such an accessory, I was happy to stand out. I just never realized how much trouble it would be later on. And I experienced it all - the juvenile stabs at my already awkward sense of self – four-eyes, nerd, etc. As if being the chubby little gnome wasn’t torture enough. When I look back at old, heart-wrenchingly embarrassing pictures of me in those huge glasses, I want to hide! Most of you have seen me in those big ol’ frames. OH MAN! It’s just sad. No wonder I was always the girl who the guys talked to…to get to my other girlfriends! Though what’s my excuse now? Haha…kidding…

Thankfully there exist contact lenses; although, I only got them in high school because we participated in a cheerleading competition and the thought of my glasses flying into the air after a toe-touch, or possibly falling on my face after a turn changed my attitude about them. My mom wanted me to get them so I could wear eye make-up. “I don’t wear make-up, mom” I told her. “Well, you can if you have contacts!” AAAAAAHHH! I used to have to wake up AT LEAST 15-20 minutes early if I wanted to wear contacts because it took me forever to get them on. The thought of sticking my finger in my eye was just not appealing. Eventually though I got the hang of it.

Last week I went to the eye doctor for my bi-annual check-up. I got some new contacts and some new frames. I seriously tried on about 20 pairs of glasses! The poor optician was handing me one after another because I just looked all kinds of awkward in some of them. I was so determined to get some plastic frames. Sadly, most of them don’t come with nosepieces, which I just can’t have because I have no nose to keep them from resting on my cheeks! But I found some cute ones eventually (See above). Well, you guys judge if they look right on me. They’re Michael Kors and it comes with the cutest case Anyhow, I was just so tired after trying on so many that I ended up with the 3rd pair I tried on, the very least of the 20+ evils. Oh nearsightedness...

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