Sunday, June 04, 2006

bond ['bänd]
A uniting force or tie; a link:
Synonyms include: affiliation, affinity, association, attachment, connection, friendship, link, network, obligation, relationship, tie, union
Jhoette, funny guy that friend of ours. He came back for a week because he had to take care of something that he SHOULD HAVE taken care of the last time he was here. We did what we could with the 5-6 days that he was here…again. An evening at Alcove is always a pleasure! I just love the ambiance in that place! It’s always a bustle with all types of people (a few celebrities even! We saw Izzy and George from Grey’s Anatomy one evening!), talking about all kinds of things. I encountered one group drinking coffee whilst they discussed their screenwriting project. I mean, how cool is THAT?
On the night before he left, we had dinner at El Coyote, followed by a sit-in at Susina Café down the street (which Cile fondly called Cocina so on the way there everyone was like, “where the heck is this Cocina cafe?” hahaha!).
So we sat at the Alcove patio that one night, eating our sandwiches, sipping our tea and coffee, enjoying our pastries and just basked in the ease and quiet of our evening. We spent an evening in noisy El Coyote, where our playfulness seemed to shine much brighter than usual. We’ve been friends for so long that times like these feel nice. We’re so knowledgeable of each other’s history (because we witnessed it all firsthand) that cheap shot comments flow from our subconscious to our tongues like water through a river. We go into every conversation knowing we’ll probably get clowned about something that happened 10 years ago; yet the degree of laughter is always the same.
I asked Jhoette if his friends in the Philippines were like his friends here, who have absolutely no shame. “My friends back home are nothing like you guys,” he said. “Their humor is different and sometimes they just don’t get what I’m saying. I’m glad I came back here again. Being with you guys again, now I feel kind of re-charged.” Aaaaw, thanks Jhoette. Now, DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU FINISH DOCTOR SCHOOL! hahaha...

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