Sunday, June 18, 2006

company ['k&m-p&-nE]
one's companions or associates; a guest or guests; the state of friendly companionship
Synonyms include: association, corporation, enterprise, establishment, firm; aggregation, assemblage, community

Man, this new company I work for is wow! This past Saturday was the SAGE Family Fun Day at Vasa Park in Agoura Hills. I got up at 7:30 am, which is considered "sleeping in" for me. Ate and I met up with Kay and Pat and then headed off for a quick morning of shopping at the Camarillo Outlets before the picnic. When I say "quick" I mean it. We got there at 10:45-11:00 am and left by noon. Talk about efficiency! After that hour or so of walking around, we got hungry and decided to head off.
Vasa Park looks to be a private one. We had the whole park area to ourselves, and it was complete with a playground, moonbounces, photobooth (where they took our pictures and printed them out with cardboard frames like we were at Disneyland. Only this time it was FREE!), etc. The theme of our day was "Fiesta" so we grubbed on a Mexican buffet complete with churros for dessert! Dang those churros were good! The highlight of the day for me (besides seeing my boss, who is usually soooo quiet, dancing in a sombrero) was hearing Kay's name get called for a raffle! She freakin' won a Canon 5.0 megapixel digicam with photoprinter! WHAT THE HECK! Look how happy she was! Hahaha! YAY GRAMS! Our company doesn't kid around with these prizes. They gave away $100 giftcards to William Sonoma and Restoration Hardware, $200 giftcards to Crate & Barrel, two way radios, Ipod Nanos, Canon camcorders - GEEEZ! Suffice it to say, it was a great time had by us all!


fantone said...

wow, grams was socailizing w/ peeps and she won a camera..good job, kay...see what happens when you make friends

Bored&Hungry said...

i wasn't exactly socializing...ha ha ha.

belle said...

wow anna you were in my hometown=P..boonies eh?=)