Tuesday, June 27, 2006

gamble ['gam-b&l]
to take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit
Synonyms include: bet, chance, risk, venture, wager

Las Vegas - it just never gets old! In the number of times that I’ve been there (which I couldn’t even count), and with the countless permutations of company (family, friends, 5 people…30!), not to mention the array of weather conditions I’ve had to withstand (snow and piercing heat) it’s always a different experience.Great idea, Ise and Nick, to have your engagement shoot there and then inviting us to tag along! The drive there (for the evening batch, which consisted of Ja, Bev, me, Cile, Jeff and James) was not as long as I had anticipated. Of course, we did keep ourselves pretty occupied in van either watching dvd’s (James and Jeff did anyhow), sampling music from 2 ipods and 2 nanos (the music in people’s playlists are quite telling), not to mention playing “name that tune,” in addition to Cile’s longtime talent of creating scenarios (hahaha remember those?), we cruised through the 105 degree heat (at midnight, mind you) and arrived at the Aladdin Hotel to be greeted by the first batch who got there (Nick, Isa, Ate Tin, Gwen, Leia and Fernie). Most wasted no time and sat down at either a blackjack table or a slot machine (Oh Cile, I’m sorry Fernie stole your mojo. Hahahah!)The next day we ate brunch at the Aladdin Spice Market Buffet where, HELLO - they had cotton candy! What buffet carries cotton candy? I WAS FREAKIN’ EXCITED! Haha! Man were we full after though.
So to calm the full tummies, Leia, Gwen, Fernie, Ate, Jeff and I decided to brave the 113 degree heat and walk to Caesar’s Palace. OH THE HEAT! It felt like a thousand needles piercing into my skin – it was so freakin’ hot! But not before the head housekeeper opened our hotel room door with her own key asking to talk to someone cuz why?Well, I was watching TV when she came in, one of the housekeepers. First she advised that rooms that have a large amount of cash out in the open are not to be cleaned. I have no idea why she’s telling me this so I nod my head in agreement. But, she says, our room was cleaned before the maid had seen the cash lying there on the table. “Ma’m," she said, "when this happens we have to call security." I notice the two men in uniform standing there with her and then it dawned to me...CILE'S FREAKIN' FAKE WAD OF CASH SITTING THERE ON THE TABLE! One of the security guys was like, "Is everything ok?" HAHAHA! So I explained to them that it was only the top bill that was real and they breathed a sigh of relief and went on their way.
After that little incident, we followed Nick, Isa, Ja and Bev from Aladdin to Venetian (on foot!...in the scalding heat) like a camera crew. It was quite a production... We had Cile videotaping everthing while James helped with crowd control, blocking people out of Ja's way so he could get a clear shot, etc. Fernie, while helping also with crowd control, also carried a backpack of Isa and Nick's shoes, water, etc. Ate was the wardrobe lady, carrying a garment bag in case the couple opted for a wardrobe change. And I was Nick's sweat control specialist, handing him a towel between takes to ease the moisture on his face. Geez, talk about production!
And then, soo tired from the day's events, we got all gussied up and...kicked it in the room (mostly the big bathroom) and talked...about whores, breaking up over the phone, etc. FUN NIGHT!
Then we walked down the strip again, some people looking to gamble, others just wanting to kick it. Fernie and I opted to hang out at a little bakery/cafe at Paris whilst everyone did their business on the casino floor. THEN, we ate a real meal, at like 2:30 am, back at the hotel. Can't go to Vegas and NOT have late night meals! The next morning, Ate and I went to mass and then came back to the hotel where Bev came storming in at 9 am, "I got us free breakfast!!!" Hahaha, girlfriend had played so much at the Aladdin casino that she got to know the pit boss and some dealers so well! Since we were in a bit of a hurry, Bev and I went to get the breakfast while everyone else packed up the van.
With no time to lose, we feasted like beasts while Ja filled up the car at the gas station! HILARIOUS! Definitely one of the funnest, most memorable Vegas trips I've ever experienced! So...when we going again? hahaha! Maybe I'll sit at a blackjack table and see if I can be as lucky as Bev...


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