Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Horoscope for: Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anna,This is a terrific day for creative play, even at work. You have the ability to come up with multiple solutions to nearly any problem. Your willingness to explore all possibilities gives you extra power, but remember to lead with a light hand. Coercion will not be needed. Positive results will likely come your way with little stress on your part.

This weekend was a potpourri of emotion for me. My car was viciously keyed in the Porto's Bakery parking lot after I had just gotten it washed. As if I have so much money to get this fixed. That and I was getting pulled left and right by requests, obligations and dilemmas of all sorts that I was forced to refrain from answering my phone all weekend at an attempt for SOME peace.

But I should know better than to think that such days would last long. Through a little faith, though weak sometimes, I always find a flicker of happy hope that comforts the restless heart within; hope that comes in the form of new beginnings between young lovers on the verge of the rest of their lives; hope that comes in the ever-changing, ever-accommodating friendships of old; hope that comes in the faces of little children learning about the world around them. It's just too damn hard to be unhappy when so much opportunity for joy surrounds me. I can't help but feel obligated, moreso grateful, for the genuine glee that floats in my atmosphere. It's terribly contagious, and for this, I thank God.

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