Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I hate when I start a blog entry and then are forced to stop for whatever reason, because every time I try to come back to it, the creative momentum has become sluggish, the emotion has waned, and I end up too lazy to recapture it all. I have 3 blog entries sitting in my BLOGSCRATCH.DOC file. I don’t think my recent technological debacle has helped much either.
The tech guy came by on Sunday and after replacing the motherboard, advised that it was the power source that was causing the problem. Soooo, our house is still without a window to the worldwide web and Tin and I have been forced to seek alternate sources of entertainment to accommodate our idle time; homework, tv, watching dvd’s, taking walks, reading, writing and, heaven forbid, conversation! Hahaha…I’m kidding. I just think it’s hilarious how dependent we’ve become on technology that it takes something like the power source in our computer to explode for us to realize that there are other ways to spend our time in this world.

I honestly didn’t think I was THAT reliant on the computer. I’m not on it half as much as Tin is, and I always give her grief; saying things like, “Dude, there are other places in this house you’re allowed to be in you know.” Hahaha…But last Friday night, not making plans except to wait for the tech guy who never came, I sat in my room, for the first time in a long time, BORED!

So I left the house, got in my car, started the engine and sat there for a good 5 minutes in the garage thinking, “Where the hell am I going? Bookstore? And if so, which one? Burbank? Glendale? How about the Alcove? Wonder if anyone else wants to come with me? Who should I call though? Maybe I’ll just walk around Pasadena and swing by Tiffany’s to figure out what I wanna get myself for my birthday (when I sell my first book? Hahaha), or sit at Equator Café perhaps and people watch/write? Boo I don’t wanna pay for parking…” So I just drove around…FOR 40 MINUTES! I literally finished William Joseph’s whole cd (He’s this awesome pianist, a David Foster protégé) during my drive. It was really nice though, to not have to rush off to meet someone or be somewhere by a certain time. I was riding on my own time. It doesn’t happen very often.
So anyhow, I get it, Lord. I need to get out more. Now can we PLEASE have our computer back? (Picture God rolling His eyes here) I’m just kidding!

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