Saturday, January 28, 2006


Have I really been filing for 3 hours?!!! Well, at least the computer here is working so I haven't been THAT bored (Thanks for IMing Dave, Cile, James, Seong, Rachey and Ate Cyn!). The tech guy that was SUPPOSED to come fix our computer last night NEVER CAME! He just left a message and didn't indicate arrival time so when I called him back, I got the dispatch chick who said I could leave a message and "hopefully get a call back some time this weekend?" What the heck. GRRRR! But they called again today and said that hopefully they can send someone tonight and if not tonight tomorrow. I don't mean to sound like a freakin' brat who's just lost without her computer, but if you make an appointment with someone, wouldn't it be nice if they, I don't know, kept it? I didn't make plans last night cuz I thought someone was coming. I ended up at Barnes & Noble for some Anna-time so it was cool. But now I have to wait for someone to come tonight? Grrrr...anyhow, that was my venting for the day.

Soooo, I'm on a mini break right now. I was getting dizzy a little while ago and I figured it's cuz I'm so hungry. I was gonna leave real fast and get something to eat. But if I leave now I know I won't come back after. Hahaha...So I recognized the address I gave and my voice and she was like, "Anna, you're working today? You're hungry? Ok what do you want and I'll get it there as soon as possible!" Hahaha...aaaw, I'm gonna miss her.

Ok, break's over. Have lots of data to punch into excel now, and got a bit of mail merge as well. Better get crackin' so I'm outta here before the sun sets.

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