Thursday, January 19, 2006


It happened this morning, so suddenly. With so many outliving its competition, I scarcely could have seen the end coming. Upon learning its lifespan, some may not be surprised at its time of expiration. For me it was too soon.

So, I say good-bye to one who has gotten me through a lot of frizzy mornings, afternoons that fell flat, and lackluster nights before an evening out on the town. My Revlon 1875, I bid you farewell.

MY HAIRDRYER EXPLODED THIS MORNING! It literally threw sparks as I ran it down a length of freshly Thermasilked hair. I’ve had that thing for more than 6 years! Actually, I’m thinking I might’ve brought it to England in 1999. No matter, it’s gone and I am faced with having to find another to take its place. Who is worthy enough to be used alongside my curling and flat irons? The search begins at Target today!

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