Tuesday, January 17, 2006


While 94 pictures upload on Shutterfly, I thought I’d talk about my wonderful weekend. It really was memorable. From the second I told Cile last Wednesday afternoon that I’d go for sure, to the moment I hugged Leia good-bye after she helped me carry my stuff to the house, I had scarcely a stressful moment between Glendale and snowy Mammoth.

This weekend I learned:
1) Long drives feel shorter when you’re provided with great music (a freakin’ random mix!) and engaging conversations (“Can you tell after having known someone only 5 minutes that you wanna sleep with them?”…”He’s not a dick…but that was a dick move!”).
2) Seeing snow ANYTIME, will always feel like the first time. And the first time is always magical. Just ask Carlo.
3) Getting to know your way around the kitchen is possible if someone is patient enough to teach you, and if you’re patient enough to learn.
4) Don’t ask James to cook 4 boxes of Spanish Rice-A-Roni at one time.
5) When it comes to drinking, pacing yourself is key. Drinking more than you can handle at one time could result in an impromptu, unplugged showcase of singing (Ate Tin-Tin) or a sudden need to lean over the toilet (Fantone).
6) Cecile-tinis are sooo good but they’re sneaky, little creepers!
7) Attempting to attend mass in the middle of snowy rain will only get you across the street and back to the cabin.
8) There’s nothing like the sound of friends playing familiar songs on the guitar.
9) Trying to finish ONE journal entry at 1:00 am with Cile, Iya and Rochelle still wide awake is a lost cause.
10) If you go sledding with Leia, she’ll make you sit in front to act as a shield to the barrage of snow that’ll attack you on the way down.
11) Don’t EVER get on Bev’s bad side.
12) When snowboarding, don’t go on anymore runs if your back is asking you to stop. Huh Ja?
13) If you leave your car outside without driving it for two days, a fort of snow will surround it and you’ll have to help push the car over the mounds.
14) I’m such the LA girl, used to sunny days and autumn weather in the winter.
15) If I had to get snowed in anywhere, anytime, my friends would provide excellent companions.

Jaja tried to convince me to go snowboarding on Sunday morning by saying, “Come on Anna, you have to! It’s CARPE DIEM SNOW!” Hahaha…trying to get me by alluding to Dead Poets’ Society. Good one, Ja! But now that I think about it, I see his point. There’s something about being around snow (especially for all of us who don’t see it often) that makes you SEIZE THE DAY: deciding last minute to drive up to the mountains to spend time with your friends, snowboarding all weekend no matter how tired you are, sinking knee-deep into powdery white ground and loving it because you know how rare that occurrence is. Maybe if it snowed more often, we’d be forced to spend less time worrying, and more time playing.

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