Tuesday, March 28, 2006


You guys must be so sick of me whining about my commute, but I can’t help talking about it since it takes up at least 12 hours of my life every week. Today though, takes the proverbial pastry - icing, sugar flowers and all. 2 hours and 30 minutes! Except for a 10-minute stop off Calabasas Road cuz I really had to take a whiz, I drove between 0.5-50 mph.

The road absolutely terrifies me when it’s raining. When I left Thousand Oaks, I entered the 101 with great caution. I had my headlights on at 4:00 pm because I couldn’t see through all the fog. It wasn’t really fog, however, though, being in the mountains on such a gloomy day, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. No, the pseudo-smoke was created by something else. It was raining so hard that the road was practically a big puddle and vehicles of all sizes were driving at less than safe speeds, their wheels spinning through the layer of rain on the ground and spewing it from all sides so much that it looked like each car floated on it’s very on cloud. The micro-speckles of rain were stagnant all through the hills, which formed a kinetic fog so thick that the clearest view I had was of my dashboard, and the only thing I feared was hydroplaning across the center divider to face oncoming traffic.
Luckily we came to a halt some time around Calabasas,(which, I actually didn’t mind cuz I got to take some pictures with my handy dandy camera phone). I’d rather be driving at 5 mph in the rain than 50. I was surprisingly calm during the car ride, not cursing anyone on the road, not feeling annoyed or fatigued. I think I was just concentrating so hard on not sliding across the freeway that I didn’t have the energy, nor the time, to be roadraging everyone. I’m just happy I made it home safely.

Be careful out there everyone!

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