Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Every single time I finish watching American Idol, I want to get in my car or take a shower and sing at the top of my lungs - OUT OF TUNE AND ALL! I'm no Whitney Houston (pre-Bobby Brown), Alicia Keys or Kelly Clarkson...shoot I'm not even Britney Spears (who doesn't even really do much SINGING), but when I feel it, I FEEL IT and I'll sing along to whoever and whatever is on my iTunes, Nano, radio or tv.

Some days are better than others. On a good day, what I sing actually sounds like an Anna version of the original song. On a bad day, singing the ABC's or Happy Birthday can become a vocally-challenging experience, for me and for the poor people who have to be around to hear it. Hahaha...

When I'm at home alone, I'll sing when I'm washing dishes, dusting, changing the bedsheets, folding laundry, etc. And what I sing along to could be anything - *NSYNC, Norah Jones, the CHICAG, Les Mirabes, or MISS SAIGON soundtracks. It's fun!


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