Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I just watched Kelly Clarkson’s new video, “Walk Away” and I laughed through probably 95% of it. The video begins with an announcement over the radio that Kelly Clarkson would be performing live. And as Kelly sings, a slew of people are listening to her from different settings as they go about their day, singing along with the song. Some are sitting in their cubicles, one guy was in the shower, another was mopping the kitchen floor, a cop was writing out a ticket, someone was vacuming, some guy was in his car stuck in traffic, etc. And as the song progresses in each of their separate worlds, they become increasingly uninhibited until their initial bouts of lip-synching turn into an unadulterated unleashing of the stage performer within! I LOVE IT!

I do that all the time! ESPECIALLY when I’m in the car driving to work or driving home. Sometimes I’ll be chill, singing along to some slow songs; you know little out-of-tune, but full-out versions of Whitney, Christina and Norah, maybe Alicia and a few broadway numbers. When I’m feeling a little melancholy or just want to raise my voice, that’s what I find myself wanting to sing to. But sometimes, when the day’s either been really great or really awful, you wanna let loose and just dance in your car, in which case I opt for 112’s "Dance With Me" or "Shake It," maybe "Hoochie Mama" or really break out the big guns with some bubble gum pop (*NSYNC, Britney, Dream, Christina, etc). My happy song lately has been Lost in Emotion by LisaLisa and Cult Jam. Geez I can’t NOT get into that song no matter where I hear it. Either that or Making the Band tunes, courtesy of Leia. I need Riann in the car with me though to fully enjoy those.

Anyhow, watch Kelly’s video and see for yourself what I’m talking about. You'll laugh and I'm sure that the next time you think you're performing for an audience of one (yourself), you'll turn around and see your parents wondering why it's taking you so long to dust. Hahaha! Cheers!

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