Sunday, March 19, 2006


Last week I said "Ack!" to Seong via AIM and he's all, "Ack? Who says 'ack?' What're you a cartoon?" Hahaha...and then I remembered these drawings that people have done of me.

My friend, Daphne, drew this caricature of me on the corner of the agenda sheet at one of our student council meetings in high school. We weren't very good at paying attention I guess. Hahaha... That's me on a typical school day: khaki shorts, white oxford blouse under a navy blue pullover v-neck and navy blue keds, holding a clipboard and a pencil or pen resting on my right ear. I LOVE IT!
This was Cile's perception of me during our freshman year at UCI when I was a stressed-out-no-social-life-goggle-toting-physics-calculus-chemistry-book-carrying chemical engineering major. She had all these awesome drawings, color pencils and markers on her side of the room, while I had the periodic table of elements, 10-pound books and carbon paper lab notebooks on MY desk. I remember all of Cile's drawings used to look like Japanimation. We watched a lot Ranma, Sailor Moon and My Friend Totoro. No wonder!
Pat drew this of me our junior year at UCI when I was one of the PCN costumes coordinators. It's such a spot-on drawing because, if you looked into our apartment from the outside, it looked like costumes were going to ooze out if you opened a door or a window. With the sewing machines, crates and hangers, you could easily mistake 71 Exeter for a sweatshop. Our front porch was full of PCN props too, courtesy of Cile and Pat. 71 Exeter...1999 PCN Central.

elouai's doll maker 3

And today I discovered that my friend Toni has a link on her blog to create a cartoon doll version of yourself soooo, I just spent the last 20 minutes doing that. Hahaha! You can create the face, the outfit, the features ANYTHING! C'mon, you guys know you wanna do it too! They're not just girls either. There are boy versions too!

Does she look like me? I think she's a little too cute to be me but doesn't the hair, glasses and outfit kinda yell ANNA? Hahaha...anyhow, go on Toni's blog and make a cartoon doll version of you. I promise you'll have fun! Let me know how it turns out! I'm curious to know how you all perceive yourselves as Japanimation characters.

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