Thursday, December 15, 2005


I'm at home today, feeling kinda crappy. After sitting in the living room trying to sit up to finish my christmas cards, I realized that I have a slideshow to take care of! So Here I am scanning like a maniac! And though that dumb accident put me in a bit of a mood (a bad one), I've been trying to get past it because what's done is done and there are other things I can put my time and energy this slideshow.

Pictures - I LOVE THEM! What can I say? Looking through photos, old and new, never fail to make me feel all better. light of that, I found a few that made me laugh...ENJOY! (Matt, don't kill me!...FYI - that halloween picture, that Snoopy mask I'm wearing goes with Matt's costume but he wanted to be Robin! HAHAHA! Dorks!)

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