Friday, September 12, 2008

wicked [wik-id]
evil or morally bad in principle or practice; sinful; iniquitous; having a bad disposition; ill-natured
Synonyms include: unrighteous, ungodly, godless, impious, profane, blasphemous; immoral, profligate, corrupt, depraved, dissolute; heinous; infamous, villainous

We finally saw it! I swear, Leia, Bev, Ja and I felt like we were the only people in the world who hadn't seen this musical yet. Along with Larnie and Gweeenie, we did see it last night at the Pantages Theater and I'd totally watch it again!

I'm always a bit concerned when I hear people's opinions of something like musicals, especially if their reviews are glaringly positive. But honestly, it was awesome! I listened to the soundtrack as soon as I got home and I'm probably going to listen to it until I've got it memorized. Bev said last night how it made her wish she could sing. Haha! I hear you, girl. Every time I watch or even listen to a musical, that secret desire of being part of one always comes out of me. Uh-oh, it's time to belt out off-key but full-out in my car and the shower again. =) And cool trivia, the girl who played Elphaba last night is a UC Irvine Theater Arts Major graduate! Woo hoo!! Zot Zot!!!

It's funny, because I've had a copy of the soundtrack since 2005 when Fernand and I still had writing class together and he had watched it a dozen times already! haha! I thought I would've watched it back then but just never got around to it.

Anyway, how clever, Gary Maguire! He wrote the book that the musical is based on and I absolutely can't wait to read it. If you haven't seen Wicked yet, please do. I think your perspective on things may change...maybe for good.


They Call Me Lusty said...

How'd you like Elphaba. Trevor's friend is Elphaba.

She is also a UC Irvine alum.

ANNA said...

no way! teal hicks? she was freakin' awesome!!!

Toni said...

I loved Wicked! I saw it when I was there a year ago. A YEAR AGO ANNA!!! My gosh. How time flies.