Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cile & Anna's Poetry Corner
(or What Cile & I Did At Work Today)

furry petals
by: Cecile Marie

an audience of dandelions
swims together
light and fluffy waves
left to right
left to right
syncrhonized tornado swirling jet winds
the dandelions burst up and white furry petals explode
claustrophobic dandelion bombs
do not inhale
do not inhale
as the house in the distance walks further away
oh no
oh no
just blow the air. spin. and play. and now you're on the porch.
and your audience goes home.


Little Lela
by: Anna

Little Lela saw a bird
That chirped and chirped
A song
That cried, none heard
A sassy tune
That helped it fly along
A strip of sky
So very grey, she flew
So very high
And little Lela
Waved good bye and sat
To have a cry.

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