Thursday, September 18, 2008

lodging [loj-ing]
accommodation in a house, esp. in rooms for rent; a temporary place to stay; temporary quarters
Synonyms include: abode, residence, dwelling

Aside from all the Westin Hotels I’ve ever stayed in, this is by far, one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever checked into. Like Andrew said, “It’s Swiss…anything Swiss is gonna be nice,” and he couldn’t be more right.

The hotel (shaped like a triangle, though you can't tell from this picture) is located in downtown Chicago, right next to the Hyatt Regency Hotel where the conference is being held. I don’t have to take a cab, rent a car and drive or take a subway. I just have to walk across the street!

So the swissotel…modern, sleek and minimal. The lobby is nothing fancy, and my room isn’t laden with walls of gold. When it comes to hotel stays, it’s never about how grand everything appears, but about how grand I feel while I’m there and let me tell you, the swissotel didn’t disappoint.

From the accommodating staff (doormen, front desk, housekeeping – all of them!), to the marble-laden bathroom, to the flatscreen tv, to the clock/radio/iPod speaker, to my beautiful view of boats on Lake Michigan seen between skyscrapers of offices and condos, and of course to my comfortable, dreamlike sleep inducing bed – swissotel is one quality hotel!

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