Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So...I've been all happy-go-lucky lately, feeling like nothing in this world could go wrong! But here I am at home right now, stuck, if you will, because when I tried to start my car this morning it made this clicking, choking sound. I thought it was my battery, but my Dad thinks something's wrong with my starter. I'm so ticked off because HI! IT'S ONLY MY SECOND WEEK AT A NEW JOB AND ALREADY I'M CALLING IN A PERSONAL DAY! I was so embarrassed when I talked to my boss this morning. He was really nice about it though. I figured, if I can get a rental car before the afternoon, I'll go to work anyhow and just leave late.

UNFORTUNATELY, between trying to get through AAA and Toyota of Glendale, I think I'm gonna be stuck here all day cuz neither of them are letting me through! I've been calling Toyota since 7 am (which is when they open) and I've been calling AAA and the recording is telling me that they're experiencing a high volume of phone calls so I waited for like ever until my boss called me back on the other line. Hello! What if I was in the middle of nowhere!

Anyhoo...just had to vent a little. I'm fine, just peeved. I better try them again. WISH ME LUCK!

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