Thursday, February 23, 2006


So this weekend, Jaja was telling all of us how there is a term used for people who know how to play music by ear. He kept saying, "It's called 'widow.'" And all of us were like, "Widow? Like the spider? Or when your spouse dies?" We even looked it up on the internet and found nothing.

Cile asked Iya and she said that it's a tagalog term. I asked my mom if there was such a term for someone who plays by hear and, 'lo and behold, she said, "Yeah, oido." It does sound like "widow" though when she said it. For the last few days I've been thinking that it was spelled, "ouido." Then it occurred to me today, as I entered the freeway to go home that "oir" is Spanish for "to hear," hence the term "oido," playing by ear. Crazy this thing we know as language!

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