Sunday, November 29, 2009

livelihood [lahyv-lee-hood]
a means of supporting one's existence, esp. financially or vocationally
Synonyms include: living, means, sustenance, support

It's unusual that I'd forget something like posting a "Happy Thanksgiving!" greeting on my blog. I've often scheduled posts of that nature days ahead of time so I won't forget, knowing full well that I'm probably the only one who, pardon my language, gives a shit whether or not I did. So you missed writing about ONE holiday, Anna. You've still got Christmas and New Year's, right? But then I came home an hour ago, and as I got ready for bed, running the day's events through my head, I suddenly felt compelled to sit down and type out this random stream of consciousness.

I woke up this morning...I greeted my 83-year old grandmother hello...I had lunch at Yardhouse this afternoon with some of my aunts...I bought a pair of new flats...My 84- year old grandfather and I were joking around as he sped down the 210...Ninang said that Tito Boy was craving ice cream...I went to the garage to get something from my car...Dad brought up a basket of laundry that he had done for me...I chit-chatted with mom about needing a cute sweater to go with my dress...I wrapped some gifts...I went to the ATM to withdraw cash...I edited photos as Tin recounted her day at work...I hugged Jhoette...I ate at a Chinese restaurant with friends...Mary-Clare fell asleep while I was holding her...I took pictures...I patted Iya's tummy and said, "Hello babies!"...I cried a tiny bit with Rochelle...I laughed so hard I started choking...Riann and Joe drove me home...and now I'm blogging.

These are how and why I'm alive; not for or because of huge life-altering milestones, but for the small pockets of time that are inserted so carefully into each of my days that I barely notice them building such a blessed lifetime.

I could go on and on about how thankful I am for my family, my friends, my job and everything I have because of it, but trying to do so would seem futile. I could try to sound clever or poignant, but there are just not enough sentiments in the universe that could describe the gratitude I feel for this life that God decided I get to have. Sometimes I have to ask, "Lord, me? You're letting me have this?" A few moments after, I often feel a warmth in my chest and all I can say or think is...

Thank you.

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