Wednesday, June 03, 2009

fanatic [fuh-nat-ik]
a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal
Synonyms include: addict, enthusiast, devotee, extremist

A basketball fan's main event.

A Laker fan's hopes renewed.

The NBA finals are here at last.

It has been a long season, and I feel like it began much earlier than the first tip-off of the first game of 2008-2009. For the loyal supporter of the purple and gold, the new season began right after the green and silver streamers fell from the ceiling of TD Banknorth Gardens in Boston. Our mighty team had lost there. The Larry O'Brien trophy was practically beaten out of our grasp with one swift 39-point pounding that was and never will be forgotten. The weeks that followed were spent brooding over the probability of getting another chance, the possibility of an improved roster, the desire for strength and physicality. The long off-season was occupied shortly by a rewarding Olympic games. The preseason came with a wave of anticipation and great sense of entitlement. This is OUR season.

On the eve of the Lakers’ 30th chance to be the NBA World Champions, I, as a fan, sit in angst. I’ve read every blog entry and article available. I’ve listened to every interview of coach and player. I’ve watched the endless string of game highlights and rewatched games saved in my DVR so much that I can probably do a blind play-by-play if you give me the time on the clock of a certain quarter of the game. I’ve talked to (via email, phone and text) my fellow fans, dissecting the opposing team’s offensive plays and defensive advantages.

We are all right here just waiting, hoping…and excited because, to put it simply – THIS IS IT.

Get your game on, Lakeshow!


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