Thursday, January 01, 2009

venture [ven-cher]
an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome, esp. a risky or dangerous one; to expose to hazard; risk
Synonyms include: adventure, endeavor, experiment

I ask myself at the beginning of each new year what I'm planning to do differently. We'd all wish we could say that life is perfect and that we have nothing left to change, but let's face it, there's always room for improvement.

2008, I'd have to say, was more pleasurable for me than anything (except for that one day in June, but we'll fix that this year won't we, Kobe?). It wasn't without its nuisances because, well, what's life without a little (pardon my profanity) bullshit? We'd be nothing without the occasional scuffle with friends and family or the daily ass whooping 40-48 hours a week at work. I know it's cliche to say that adversity builds character, but it does just that.

I fought with myself a lot last year; heated arguments in my head and sporadic scoldings that told me I had more to fix than I had hoped. Those "improvements" I sought to make at the beginning of 2008 suddenly turned into a remodeling nightmare when I realized that a mere fresh coat of paint just wouldn't do. I needed a lifelong makeover and no Ty Pennington would be there to help me. So what did I do? I told myself to grow up (again) and to be more responsible...for EVERYTHING I do. Be responsible for what I feed myself, what I say to people, how I treat my family, how I help my friends, how much effort I put into my work, maintaining patience, and most of all, how and where I find happiness.

I have no overachieving resolutions in 2009 except to be someone who I can stop arguing with. And, this year I vow to make better use of these right-brain skills that God said I could have...especially ONE skill I'm trying to develop. =)

With that, I hope all of your 2008's were as wonderful as mine was and that 2009 will be even greater!


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