Tuesday, December 02, 2008

underdog [uhn-der-dawg]
a person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict
Synonyms include: dark horse, longshot

As Tin would say, "EFF!"

Should've left the Bench Mob on the floor in the 4th, Phil. They got the 15 point lead, and yes, I know they lost 7 of it to begin the last quarter, but still...subbing Vlad for Trevor who had 3 steals? REALLY?

It's ok. Maybe this loss will finally get the Lakers to go back to what they've been so praised for earlier in the season but so very much failed to have any of tonight: DEFENSE. Indiana beat the Celtics too and now stands as the 1 of 2 losses that each team has on record. Hmmm, a team with a losing record knocking off the top teams of the NBA. I hate that the Lakers lost tonight but I do have a soft spot for the underdog...

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