Sunday, August 16, 2009

hypocrisy [hi-pok-ruh-see]
a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess
Synonyms include: deceipt, deception, duplicity

I just finished watching the second episode of the new season of America’s Best Dance Crew and…I’m a little ticked off. The “challenge” this week was to do a “signature move” from one of Beyonce’s videos. First of all, two of the crews had to work with props and the other crews just had to incorporate a dance move. How fair is that? Second of all, the post-performance commentary and deliberation (or lack thereof) from the judges after the bottom two crews danced was just laughable.

The bottom two crews were the all-girl Artistry in Motion from L.A. (with Donyelle from So You Think You Can Dance – Season 2!) and Afroborique, the 3-couple crew representing the Latin flavors of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Artistry in Motion had to dance with freakin’ chains from Beyonce’s “Diva” video and Afroborique had to incorporate bellydancing moves from the “Beautiful Liar” video. Ummm, ok.

After they both performed, Li’l Mama – who rarely has anything constructive to say – said that Artistry in Motion had the most challenging task of the night but did a good job because it was high energy and well-performed. Personally, I think that, based on 2 episodes, they have some of the best and intricate choreography. Shane Sparks’ comments about Afroborique were all about how the 3 girls were probably the hottest women to ever be on the show, how they were all so sexy, and this one move was the sexiest move he’s ever seen, etc. And then it went to commercial so the judges could decide who to eliminate. Surprise, surprise – Artistry in Motion got booted.

I have no problem with Afroborique. I think they’re freakin’ awesome. But based on what Shane Sparks said last week about Artistry in Motion, followed by his comments about Afroborique this week, I just couldn’t help but feel duped. Last week, everyone was on Artistry in Motion’s jock because of what they said they stand for; which is to be proud of what they look like – their different faces, their different body shapes. And then to be eliminated against a group who got more comments about how hot they looked than how well they danced, it’s no wonder they all looked shocked and couldn’t help but cry.

I cringe when people (especially women) are bombarded with tv shows, movies, commercials, and articles about how proud we should be with how we look, no matter how overweight, wafe-thin, short, tall, dark, or light we are. It’s then only followed by the same media telling us the exact opposite. A…ma…zing…
Anyhoo...yay, I'm blogging again! =)

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